New Nike+ commercial challenges European runners to ‘Run Like You’ve Never Run Before’

Apple StoreNike’s latest commercial challenges European runners to join the community to “Run Like You’ve Never Run Before.”

Nike+ is the wireless system that allows Nike footwear to communicate with an iPod nano for the ultimate personal running and workout experience. In the first pan-European television campaign to feature Nike+ technology since its introduction in July of 2006, viewers will experience Nike+ on-screen through the eyes and thoughts of a runner.

“The most common feedback we are receiving from Nike+ users is that the experience has changed the way they approach running,” Brent Scrimshaw, Vice President of EMEA Marketing, in the press release. “Whether it’s the instant feedback they hear over their music or the ability to set goals and challenge friends on, Nike+ is encouraging people who never ran to run, and motivating people who run to run more.”

The new campaign, “Addicted,” will air for the first time on Saturday, April 21st in the UK in anticipation for the marathon taking place in London the following day. It will air in both 60- and 30-second formats across Europe through the end of May. The campaign will also be supported with print and digital advertising.

“Addicted” was shot on location in Prague, The Czech Republic, New York City, USA and Marseille, France. The voice-over in the English language spot is performed by actor Edward Norton. Dante Ariola is the director, Harris Savides is the director of photography and Rick Condos, Hunter Hindman and Alvaro Sotomayor of Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam are the creative directors.

“To introduce something as radically different as Nike+, it was only fitting that we create a spot from a perspective that Nike never had before — from inside the head of a runner,” said Rick Condos, Creative Director for Wieden + Kennedy, in the press release. “Every line was vetted against a tangible truth about the Nike+ system and a tangible truth about running. When strung together, they tell a story about running that is as understandable to the novice runner as it is to the expert.”

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit allows real-time data — pace, time, distance and calories burned — to be heard over the audio through headphones or seen on the display of the iPod nano. After a workout, the data is sent to by syncing the iPod nano to a computer. On, runs can be analyzed via a dynamic interface and stored for future reference. Runners can set personal goals for themselves or challenge one another. Progress is easily tracked, challengers can leave messages for one another and results can be compared to runners around the world.

Music and sport merge like never before through “Original Sport Music,” customized songs written and performed specifically for working out. “Coaching Mixes” feature world class athletes talking listeners through personal workouts for activities like training for distance, treadmill running, or even yoga. All are available through Apple’s iTunes Store.

Nike also features a range of performance apparel and accessories, including jackets, tops and shorts, designed for the iPod nano and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

More info about the Nike + iPod Sport Kit here.

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  1. ‘Run Like You’ve Never Run Before’

    You mean like not away from a fight?

    OK, ok, that was a joke. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Happy 4:20 wherever you are….

  2. Hey, humor aside, it could have been worse.

    “ZUNE your way to a better body!”
    “SQUIRT here, SQUIRT there!”
    “BROWN is the way to SQUIRT!”

    . . . . . sorry, I can’t go on. Its just to ugly a sight. And somehow I can never picture Microsoft coming up with something a consumer would want to use.

    PS, I met a person who bought his loved one a ZUNE. I asked why a ZUNE and he said, “Cause I don’t like Apple.” Now there is the “WOW”, what a great reason to spend $250 on a loved one.


  3. Qka –

    So don’t buy their shoes or cloths but this gizmo combined with an iPod is amazing. Probably the best $29 I’ve spent. I don’t run in Nike shoes(too narrow for me) and just use a key holder on my laces for the transmitter – works great.

  4. Cool stuff, but I usually don’t run unless I am being fired upon.

    “This is the AK47 assault rifle. It is the preferred weapon of your enemy, and it makes a very distinct sound when fired at you.”

  5. ‘ Nike shoes(too narrow for me) ‘

    almost every man I know has a problem getting shoes wide enough for himself. Ridiculous.

    “Oh, just go up a size” the sales people say

    No, get me some shoes based on American sizes, not oriental.

  6. TT, I have been going for Vans, they are wide enough, and I can stand on them for a long time. I may look like an old washed out skateboarder, but I don’t give a sh!t. Hell, I am an old washed out skateboarder.

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