Choosing a new notebook: Get a Mac, it’s the only computer that runs everything

Apple Store“If you’re shopping for a 17-inch laptop computer, you can choose one that only runs Windows or you can choose one that runs both Windows and Mac OS X,” Al Fasoldt reports for The Syracuse Post-Standard.

Fasoldt reports, “That was an easy decision for me. My wife and I needed a more powerful Windows laptop for our Technofile Workshops, one that would run photo-editing software at the fastest speeds possible. We also needed a Mac OS X laptop that could supplement our current one. The one we’ve been using has a smallish screen, so we wanted to get a new laptop with a 17-inch display.”

“Mac OS X is Apple’s operating system for all its computers. Mac OS X computers are more reliable than Windows PCs, have no active viruses or spyware at all, and come with family-friendly software for video editing, music creation, DVD production and photo organizing. We’re been using desktop Macs along with our Mac iBook laptop for most of our computing needs for years,” Fasoldt reports.

“But, like many of you, we have many Windows-only programs we need to run, too. My old Windows laptop didn’t have enough memory or processing power for the new Windows programs we added to our collection recently, and our Windows workshop sessions needed a faster PC, too,” Fasoldt reports. “It had to be a laptop — or ‘notebook,’ as laptops tend to be called these days — so we could haul it easily to workshop classes and carry it on long trips in our motor home. And it had to be just as adept at running Mac OS X programs as Windows programs.”

Fasoldt reports, “So we bought an Apple MacBook Pro. It has a 17-inch screen, a dual-core Intel processor (which means it essentially has two CPU’s, or central processing units, in non-technical terms), and a lot of little touches that help make it a delight.”

Fasoldt reports, “I installed Windows 2000 on our new computer, using $79 software called Parallels Desktop (from, which allows Windows to run alongside Mac OS X, and quickly realized I was sitting in front of the fastest Windows computer I’d ever used… Apple’s MacBook Pro [is] clearly a league ahead of laptops that can only run Windows. I couldn’t recommend it any more highly.”

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  1. “Mac OS X computers… have no active viruses or spyware at all…”

    Finally. How long has it taken journalists to say this? None of this mamby-pamby “not as many viruses” or “not as much spyware”. While I’m thrilled to finally see an unequivocal statement the lack of viruses and spyware, it certainly has taken a hell of a long time!

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