Apple posts new ‘Get a Mac’ ad: ‘Stuffed’

Apple has posted a new “Get a Mac” ad seemingly based on Walt Mossberg’s recent “crapware” articles for The Wall Street Journal.

As Mossberg explains in one article, “An excellent way to avoid or minimize the craplet problem is to simply buy an Apple Macintosh computer. New Macs don’t have any craplets displayed on their desktops. On a new Mac, no third-party software is automatically launched when you start the computer, and you don’t need antivirus or antispyware programs because the Mac is essentially free from those menaces. So, even my year-old Mac laptop reboots roughly three times as fast as my three-week-old Sony. Apple does include a few third-party programs on Macs… but these are tucked away in the applications folder and most are full working versions, not trials or offers. The main exception is a trial version of Microsoft Office. With some Mac models, you get trials of two Apple programs, iWork and FileMaker Pro. But these trials can be deleted simply by dragging the icons to the trash can.”

In the ad “PC” is stuffed to the gills with useless crapware which really slows him down:

See the ad in higher quality here:

MacDailyNews Take: Thanks for odd, yet humorously compelling melding of “The Meaning of Life” and “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” imagery, Apple! Quick, someone get “PC” one last wafer-thin mint!

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  1. Sort of a lame ad. Macbooks come with trial versions of iWork and Office. In fact, if you don’t trash the trial version of Office before you load your legitimate full version copy, your computer will get confused by the two.

    Boo. Mac Ad’s first real stinker.

  2. @ Des Gusting,

    True, but it’s Apple who allowed their software to be put on their machine. In addition, the ad gives the impression that there is no trial software on any Macs which is not true. Probably not the extent that PCs have, (although I can’t be sure since I haven’t been in the market for the PC in a while), but the ad is misleading

  3. @Wil

    Although it still is trial software, I think it is different from the Windows “crapware”. Have you ever bought a box from Dell or somebody, and seen the amount of incedibly useless shit on it? In contrast, I wouldn’t even call these two programs crapware. Most people need some sort of Office type software anyway, so this just helps to let them know of a few of the main options, and lets them try them out.

  4. Wil, Wil, Wil… These are two very different things. Much of Windows “crapware” is stuff that runs whether you want it to or not. That’s what causes the slowdown of your PC, not just the fact that the programs exist on the hard drive. When you boot your new Mac, there are no third-party background applications automatically loaded.

  5. In Medieval times, folks would argue how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. Well, we are more sophisticated nowadays. In the 21st century, we debate how much adware and trial software constitutes unwanted software on a hard drive.

    IMHO all software is unwanted if I didn’t install it and/or gave permission that it be installed.

  6. To all those defending Windoze because the Mac has a couple of sample programs it is really not the same. On the Mac, you can do a complete reinstall and choose not to install the samples. On a Windoze machine you have to reinstall all the crapware.

    Even if you own a clean version of XP, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the proper drivers for the machine from the manufacturer. Sure you can hunt them down but Dell and HP won’t give them to you if you ask.

    My GF bought a Compaq with crapware installed. I figured I would just put on XP, a clean install. Tried to get the drivers from Compaq or at least pointed to where I could get the drivers and they said no. The drivers were only licensed for use through their restore CD and they could not give them out seperately.

    Needles to say after 4 months I took the machine back, got a full refund and bought a bondi blue iMac for my GF.

    mw: play as in Oscar don’t play that sh*t

  7. Wil has a point. Macs do come loaded up with a GB or more of “trial-ware”. That, and a bunch of utilities that are semi-limited “full versions” … non-trial-ware that can’t be upgraded for free – unlike the commercial versions. Still, these don’t load on boot-up – not unless you tell them to. There are people out there who load every widget in the world and several apps on their Macs at boot – and it costs them. It costs them in boot time, in memory use, in frustration … almost like having a Windows system.

    OTOH, these problems are choices with a Mac. You can make them “go away”, or – at least – not bother you. It isn’t hard, you just undo whatever you did to make them a problem. A bit harder with Windows trial-ware. OK, a whole lot harder. Isn’t that their point?

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  8. @ All who responded,

    Des Gusting: It is Microsoft, but it is Apple’s decision to throw it on. Since I work at a Mac reseller, I have had to help several customers wipe both their Trial Office and ‘Real’ Office, and then reinstall the full version, since there were conflicts between the two.

    To the Rest: For sure, it’s probably much less than the crap you get on PCs, (I only assume so, since it’s been years since I’ve thought about buying a PC). But the ad is misleading. Macs DO come with trial software. Maybe they could have made the point of the dialogue clear about the AMOUNT of trial software.

    Guess I’m a “Dialogue” guy.

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