160GB Apple TV hard drive replacement kits now shipping

Apple StoreWeaKnees is now shipping Seagate 160GB Apple TV hard drive replacements for US$199.

According to WeaKnees, the installation process only takes a few minutes and then the AppleTV will re-synchronize with your iTunes to download all of your music, videos, and photos. The hard drive is fully prepared by WeaKnees, customers simply use the included tools and instructions to remove the existing drive and install the new one.

Kits Include:
• New 160 GB Seagate drive with 5 year Seagate warranty (six month WeaKnees warranty)
• Torx T8 and Torx T10 tools
• Installation instructions with pictures
• Phone, email, and forum support

More info: http://www.weaknees.com/appletv/apple-tv-upgrade.php


  1. Oh Yeah!!!: “Bit pricey. Are you paying extra for the instructions? Those should be free online.”

    I agree with Tommy Boy on this. Who wants to eff around with copying a drive when they can get one, ready to go for a piddly $60?

  2. I stream and it is fast and flawless…as mentioned by “mm”…

    So tell me again why I want a bigger hard drive in my TV?

    Just wondering… I don’t mind admitting that I am missing something… comes with age…

    Just to give you a hint… I remember when “I Want To Hold Your Hand” first came out and we were singing to the girls in my year 12 calss ” I want to hold your Gl@nds”… yes – back in 1964….


    If I was going to use it for mass storgae 160 gigs isn’t even close to enough… not even. And demand is only going to get stronger…

    So I WILL wait.

    MDN= will

  3. “Bit pricey. Are you paying extra for the instructions? Those should be free online.”

    They are. http://www.weaknees.com/appletv/appletv-upgrade-instructions.pdf

    – This “60 bucks” is for 3 things, I’m willing to bet, and one isn’t the directions:

    – Convience / Knowledge to do it right
    – Labor
    – Profit

    – Convience / Knowledge – most people who woudl be interested in upgrading it may feel comfortable pulling the drive, but in correctly formatting / partitioning / hooking up both to make copies to the 2nd drive, they may not have the experience or 2 ATA100 docks to do the copying. Plus it takes time. and time is what most people do not have enough of. they do have 60 extra bucks most of the time though. Apple Goes after “Time Poor, Money Rich” people most of the time.

    – Labor is 75 bucks an hour at most shops. So yea, after getting a scheme down, they do it in less than an hour, but they prolly have to spend 20m or so at least with each drive, and that is the bais of…

    – Making money – this isn’t some GNU Linux free software hippie fest. companies are in it to make money, for providing you a product / service. if you think you can do it, order one from newegg and do it yourself. Their target market, of course, is “the rest of us.”

    “They’re not marking it up that much, a 160GB Seagate drive at New Egg costs $139 by itself. To pay $60 to have one all ready to go is a good deal.” damn right.

    This is assuming that their drives ship with preloaded with the OS. which I’m pretty certain is breach of one of apple’s copyright / TOS terms – which Apple so far has said they’re not gonna get in the way of Hacks, but I wonder how they feel about unauthorized distribution….


  4. I understand that Apple wanted a small form factor. But I would have chosen a slightly larger case to accommodate a 3.5″ HDD. You can get a 400GB/7200 RPM Seagate SATA drive for about $110-$120. No contest – gimme the space for a 3.5″ HDD in Apple TV.

  5. Cupertino is knocking themselves in the head for offering a larger hard drive for the AppleTV.

    Of course what’s really cool is people have Mac OS X running on the AppleTV.

    A poorman’s Mac for sure.

  6. I agree, the streaming is working fine for me as well. I guess the only drawback would be is that my internet connection can be pretty iffy sometimes(I live in the mountains) and I can see the next time I have a party my connection will go down and I won’t be able to impress all of my friends with my nifty apple tv.

    I just ordered a 500 gig external USB 2 drive to move my entire Itunes library to, then I’m going to use that as a media server for all of my movies.

    I’m really waiting for this: http://www.appletvhacks.net/2007/04/08/1000-bounty-for-external-usb-drive-hack/

    They are offering a 1000 dollar reward for someone who can hack the USB drive on the apple tv to allow it to hook an external drive to, now that would be sweet!! At least for me, 500 gigs will hold all of my music and movies and give me quite a few years of growing the library.


  7. Well, I didn’t know the drives themselves were that expensive ($139), but the instructions comment was a joke, settle down JAV. It just does not make any sense to me to plop down $300 for the Apple TV and then another $200 to add storage to it when it’s your computer that is intended to store your media? $500 to watch sub-DVD quality movies. You might as well by a mac mini.

  8. If I’ve got some mac mini-sized external drives (wow…designed for use with the mac mini) and an airport extreme-n, and an apple TV…

    is there any reason I can’t stack the motherfsuckers, feeding the externals into the extreme with USB hub and the Apple TV into the extreme with an ethernet cable, and thereby have easy wired access to buttloads of hard drive space?

  9. 199$ for 160GB. Pricey, but – it comes with instructions. Fucked up TV is 299$

    But I would pay 699€ out of TV + DVD + DTR + choose the HDD. I’ll take mine ≥160GB.

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