Guy gets bad Airport, thinks Dvorak tells the truth, believes AP writers, proclaims Apple in decline

Apple Store“Apple’s iPhone lasts a mere 40 minutes? Apple TV loses out to XBOX 360? Apple customer service reminiscent of Dell, Seagate, HP customer service? Yep, maybe even worse,” Ashkan Karbasfrooshan writes for SeekingAlpha.

After ironically making fun of an Apple service person’s unintelligible name, Karbasfrooshan (who’s obviously never tried to read that conglomeration beneath his driver’s license photo) pronounces that, “Apple is on the descent” because he got a defective Apple Airport Extreme that needed to be replaced. So, he cries and whines on the Internet like a widdle baby. Waaa! Yawn.

Of course, Karbasfrooshan also believes iPhone battery times thrown out by John Dvorak during podcasts sourced to “someone from Cingular” (which was so ridiculous that even we ignored it!) and bases his stock advice on an Associated Press hit piece that was based totally on some random hack’s conjecture about Apple TV’s future after reviewing it with the resolution likely incorrectly set.

See, John Dvorak is the unquestioned authority on iPhone battery life because, oh, we don’t know, probably because he’s been consistently wrong about Apple for decades or maybe just because he wears cheap, loud Hawaiian shirts while trolling for hits, like the hit whore he is, and one AP review of a product outweighs 20+ other reviews that disagree because, we guess, the AP article is syndicated and to the likes of Karbasfrooshan, seeing it reproduced hundreds of times somehow counts more than 20+ independent reviews.

If this is why you sell your shares in a company that’s primed for massive growth, then you have more problems than a bad Airport Express, Mr. Karbunclefruitshake or whatever your name is.

Full article Think Before You Click™ here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mark,” “Alex,” “Fred Mertz,” and “Thomas” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: If you got a bad unit, use the warranty provided and exchange it. No product run is perfect. We have multiple Airport Extreme units that function perfectly well, as they do for the majority of users.

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  1. Nobody’s perfect. Had my first mac death today after abotu 7 years after our switch at home and work. Out of our 20+ macs in our group at NASA, my desktop motherboard is gone. It’s annoying, but it’s the hardware, and there’s a defect rate to everything. If I had at LEAST one machine die or crash every DAY like it was in 1999-2000, with Windows 2000 machines, then I’d be upset…. which I was. My G5 is 4-5 yrs old, perfect excuse to upgrade. This is an opportunity. (One of the downsides of macs at work…. tough to justify new machines every couple of years, because they just stinkin work.)

  2. Wireless…

    …is a rather fustrating experience for the non-tech consumer which Apple products cater too.

    Apple would do itself a world of good if it started offering in home setup and online further training for these newbies.

    I suspect the Airport was hacked and disabled by the recent exploits.

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