Apple begins airing Apple TV commercial (with video)

Apple StoreApple has begun airing an Apple TV commercial on network and cable TV channels that features a scene from the movie School of Rock with the voice over, “It’s on your computer,” as the camera zooms out to reveal the scene playing on an Apple iMac.

The camera pans right, goes “through the wall” as per the magic of TV and settles on an iPod in hand playing the same scene with the voice over, “It’s on your iPod.” The camera then pans right again, through another wall to show a flat screen TV with the voiceover, “And, now, it’s on your TV.”

The spot ends with a shot of the Apple TV, finishing by showing the actual product name that is on top of the Apple TV units.

The ad via Google Video shot off an actual TV tuned to CNBC:

MacDailyNews Note: The ad is not currently available via We will update this article with new information as it becomes available.


  1. Cool. This is great because it’s not geared toward people who don’t have spendable income. Xbox keeps being tossed around, but it’s really a young person’s Gizmo. Fewer parents are going to buy the house a game machine to use as a main media server. But, because iPods are so popular, this is a no frills way of getting more bang for your buck.

    I love Apple’s angle on expanding their markets. They think about their consumers, not just how to bilk them for every penny. Sorry, I meant point.

  2. As soon as they add Tivo-like capabilities, surround sound support, and a way to rent true HD movies from your couch via the iTunes store, I’m going to get one. This first gen version just doesn’t do it for me.

  3. “pretty stupid commercial.”

    Not an inspired commercial, perhaps, but the important thing is that Apple needs to be on tv. And who said most viewers would know the difference between a stupid commercial and a smart one?

    I just saw an article claiming that 90% of all tv viewers have more than one tv. We are still a nation of tv junkies, the rise of the internet notwithstanding; and Apple has to get the message to people where they live, which in this case means in front of a tv set.

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