Kaspersky Lab claims discovery of first Apple iPod virus (proof of concept, no real threat)

Avril LavigneKaspersky Lab today claimed discovery of the first virus designed to infect iPod portable media players. “The virus, which has been named Podloso, is a proof of concept program which does not pose a real threat,” Kaspersky Labs reports.

“The virus is a file which can be launched and run on an iPod. It should be stressed that in order for the virus to function, Linux has to be installed on the iPod. If the virus is installed to the iPod by the user, the virus then installs itself to the folder which contains program demo versions. Podloso cannot be launched automatically without user involvement,” Kaspersky Labs reports.

Kaspersky Labs reports, “Once launched, the virus scans the device’s hard disk and infects all executable .elf format files. Any attempt to launch these files will cause the virus to display a message on the screen which says ‘You are infected with Oslo the first iPodLinux Virus.'”

“Podloso is a typical proof of concept virus. Such viruses are created in order to demonstrate that it is possible to infect a specific platform. They do not have a malicious payload. Additionally, Podloso is unable to spread. The user has to save the virus to the iPod memory for the device to become infected. Podloso has no malicious payload, and does not present a real threat; it simply demonstrates that it is, theoretically possible to create malicious programs for such devices,” Kaspersky Labs reports.

Full article here.
So, first you install Linux on your iPod, then you find this virus file and run it, and then your iPod has a “virus” that’s unable to spread itself? If so, here’s the first Mac OS X “virus:” write an AppleScript that trashes a file, folder full of files or maybe even a whole drive – on your Mac. Save it as an app. Run it. Voila! Alert the headline writers and get the clueless AP reporters on the case!

Give us a break.


  1. I have discovered many viruses for Mac OS X. I can proove that Apple computer can be infected and spread the virus around the net. You don’t believe me?

    Here are the steps:
    1. Take a Mac with Mac OS X 10.4.9
    2. Install Windows on it
    3. Plug to the net and wait five minutes
    Voila – first infected Mac!!!

    Am I famous now?

    Kaspersky’s crap it is.



    1.) Buy a Mac

    2.) Transfer all files from windows computer to Mac.

    3.) THROW AWAY WINDOWS COMPUTER!! (recycle please)

  3. First off, if it’s proof of concept then it is not “discovered” but created. (morons can’t even get that one right)

    Second, if it can’t spread then it is not a virus. Trojan horse maybe, but not a virus.

    Third, if you have to install Linux then it is not an iPod virus/program/Trojan thingy. It’s a Linux thingy! Or Windows or Amiga or whatever.

    I have a headache.

  4. I wonder if it’s theoretically possible for a computer ‘security’ company to do an honest assessment of a so called threat. Sure, they’ve got the necessary disclaimer to cover themselves legally, but how can they honestly call it an iPod virus, as they do in their headline?

  5. Right.

    So first you make your iPod something it’s never supposed to be, (a Linux computer) then you manually install software it would never use. (a “virus”)

    Yea, the other day, I flew my iPod like a paper airplane off of a highway overpass and then the OS crashed when it flew into an oncoming 16 wheeler. That iPod OS just isn’t very stable is it?

  6. Funny.

    Funnysad, really.

    Funny that it’s so totally benign and doesn’t even fit the generally accepted definition of “virus”.

    And sad that it will be promulgated by those who don’t know any better (mainstream press, I’m lookin’ straight atcha…)

    I’ll be shocked and pleasantly surprised if this doesn’t get some sort of out-of-proportion, run-for-the-hills response in some media arenas.

  7. “…it is, theoretically possible to create malicious programs for such devices,” Kaspersky Labs reports.”

    And it is theoretically possible to do a lot stupid things in a lot of stupid ways but this is a really good one.

  8. @@Enuz Gnat

    > ‘Security through obscurity will protect the Zune!’
    > Unless you install Linux on it, apparently . . . ;p

    Point taken, but how many Zune Linux hackers exist in our or any other universe?

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