Additional Apple TV models coming?

Apple Store“Thanks to a keen-eyed Apple fanboy, rumors of new Apple TVs are starting to spread. Why? Well, it appears that the Apple TV ‘Buy Me’ page has a “‘Select Your Apple TV’ option up top. That option is only used when the product has various models…,” Gizmodo reports via Apple TV Hacks.

Gizmodo writes, “Apple is gonna have new Apple TVs regardless of any Web mistakes, no doubt. The real question is how will it trump the current model? Bigger hard drive? Support for additional video formats? Those would be my two requests.”

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Original article from Apple TV Hacks with more here.

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  1. I think features will be added to iTunes as opposed to aTV (maybe hard drive space, and what not), ie DVD Playing/streaming, direct you tube access and navigation with the aRemote, maybe even movie rentals as opposed to the current and failing (due to lack of content) download-to-own model

  2. The option to “Include HD movie content, which can be purchased or rented via iTunes” option!!!

    Oh, I suppose this option should also state “…by getting the studio’s to pony up and play ball!!!”

    Notice how music came to the forefront once more with Steve’s letter, and then the EMI deal…

    This all points to a complete lack of:
    – New studio’s joining on board any time soon.
    – No HD content any time soon for Apple TV.

    Our one hope – that Apple TV sells relatively strong compared to interenal expectations, and movie sales rapidly increase, giving leverage to Apple against studio’s not yet playing the game.

  3. Does anybody else not think that the guy is completely wrong with his assessment? Just because it says “Select your Apple TV” doesn’t mean that more options are coming out. As he points out, the Mac Pro also has that layout, and it is NOT going to have more models (like he said). Apple is instead having one base model that you can customize up for that product.

    In other words, that style page is used for any of the main products on the page, regardless of how many options you have. Which means his conclusion is wrong, and there is NO evidence that new models are pending.

  4. As for what a new upper-end product/s would contain:

    – Large Hard Drive option/s
    – DVR abilities

    Formats, resolution (1080p being absent), this is a simple sw update, and is not too user interaction-based. Storage is obviously key for the user (particularly for HD content) and DVR abilities are a direct user feature people would pay money for.

  5. I take back the DVR abilities. Apple views DVR as outdate and direct competition against iTunes (which is DVR content but rather than getting the content for $60+ cable and dish bills, you pay per view via iTunes).

    Apple TV delivers a much better experience than DVR. No programming, no monthly fee for programming services, no commericals to rifle through, can watch on the TV, Computer and iPod (do that with a TiVo), and soon iPhones.

    iTunes with Apple TV is just way beyond DVR’s, the only missing ingredient is more content, such as live events (such as sports and news).

  6. Doubt it. I bought my AppleTV on the first day and I have yet to run into a situation where I wish it had more HDD space (my iTunes library is 90 GB).

    Software updates for it will be coming out for sure – the first one possibly with Leopard. I don’t think they’re in any hurry to offer different versions though.

  7. I have an AppleTV, I love my AppleTV. It does EVERYTHING it was advertised to do. Bigger HD? Don’t Care!! I stream most of my content, I like my content centralized for easy access by other devices (other Macs, iPods, etc), and I don’t want to pay $500 for an AppleTV… PVR? Don’t Care!! I have 2 HD PVR’s that work perfectly, PVR’s use up a LOT of space, and they would clutter up a very clean UI. The AppleTV is an elegant device with an amazing (performing and looking) interface. The videos I have ripped using the H264 codec look amazing (equal to DVD). This is a great product!

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