Apple’s DRM-free iTunes play trumps Microsoft’s huge bet on DRM

Apple Store“Apple’s forthcoming DRM-free music deal with EMI raises a simple question: What should Microsoft do to steal some music marketing thunder from iPod and iTunes? The EMI deal is probably something Microsoft could have announced, too. But Microsoft has DRM [digital rights management] on the brain, so to speak, as evidenced by anti-piracy mechanisms in Vista, Xbox and Zune,” Joe Wilcox writes for Microsoft-Watch.

“With the release of Windows Media 9, Microsoft made a huge bet on DRM. No question, Windows Media 9 delivered highly flexible rights management that could be used for lots of interesting marketing purposes, such as a label releasing a new album with, say, three free plays,” Wilcox writes. “But Microsoft’s bet hasn’t paid off in the market, even with so many music stores using Windows Media DRM. Apple did DRM better, by largely hiding it from music purchasers, and by making fairly easy the synchronization of DRM content with iPod. Microsoft played catch up on synchronization until the November release of Zune.”

Wilcox writes, “But Zune is heavily beholden to DRM. Music sharing—Zune’s big differentiator from iPod—requires encryption of transmitted tunes, even stuff that has no DRM. So, Zune applies rights management where it wasn’t before. Additionally, some label’s rights restrictions prevent users from sharing some music purchased from the Zune Marketplace.”

“If Microsoft is going to push ahead with a heavy DRM strategy, maybe it’s time to change the game plan. As Gartenberg’s colleague David Card writes in another blog post on the Apple-EMI deal, ‘DRM should unlock new business models, not attempt to lock down 20th century ones.’ He gives good advice,” Wilcox writes.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]
Good job as usual, Apple, but really now, how hard is it to outmaneuver the Titanic? We have no doubt that Steve Ballmer is out on deck rearranging the chairs again today.

How to restore DRM to iTunes Store’s DRM-free EMI tracks: Squirt it from one Zune to another (if you can find one).

If you don’t find that funny, you probably work for Microsoft.

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  1. MS is just plain nuts about DRM. They will never have enough of it. If they could convince the population to pay a “log-in” fee every time their Windows booted up, MS would do it in a heartbeat.

  2. Found this post on a stock site:

    Remember… we ain’t seen nothing yet… there is an enormous amount
    of cool stuff coming out from Apple in the next few months. When the
    iPhone hits the street, the audience of many, many people who have
    never bought or watched AAPL will suddenly have AAPL fever. We on this
    forum obsessively watch AAPL and know what prices could have been had
    and when. People will buy stock at $125 when they see the phone and
    not care that is was at $10 once or $85 a few weeks ago. The end of
    2006 and beginning of 2007 is really the first time Apple has been so
    highly regarded in the financial press and so recommended as a buy.
    Apple has an enormous amount of headroom for growth beyond the current

    * starting to encroach on the Windows market
    * wow factor of Leopard graphics engine – look at demo on –
    offers a whole new way to view data that the world has never seen
    before. think of the way the Tom Cruise character in Minority Report
    was able to sift through data visually… it’s about that cool… with
    Leopard and boot camp + iPhone/AppleTV/iTunes/iPod Halo effect there
    is the distinct possibility for us to see a distinct tipping point
    shifting momentum to apple and away from windows.
    * iPhone – huge new revenue stream for apple – will beat expectations
    – cingular/at&t already had 1,000,000 inquiries – the PR from the
    iPhone will drive enormous amounts of traffic to Apple site and store
    at same time as next generation OS
    * iTunes Store Video – will be a big new revenue stream – add value
    with studio deals.
    * iTunes Store audio – EMI deal is huge and meaningful – EMI dropping
    DRM for higher quality 256kbps/higher priced song choice is huge –
    someone at EMI is thinking.
    * New Apple Stores around the world – highest $$$ per square foot +
    enormous amount of iPhone PR come june means everyone sees Leopard too.

  3. Quote from Steve Ballmer about this subject:


    Sorry, he can’t talk now, since he and the rest of MicroSuck has its lips around the c#$#s of content producers since the Zune and Vista came out.

    When the content executives-ahem-finish, Ballmer will towel his face and chin off, make a delusional statement about how DRM is good for consumers, and go throw chairs at his subordinates.

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