Apple Store Rome grand opening photos

Macitynet has posted a gallery of the grand opening of the Apple Store at ROMAEST mall, the first Apple Retail Store in mainland Europe.

“This morning a huge number of fans, probably around 800 coming from all around Italy (and from other European countries) formed a long queue, first ouside the mall entrance in a parking lot, and then just out the store entrance, patiently waiting for the doors to open,” Macitynet reports.

“After the countdown went to zero, the Apple Store employees lined up in a row cheered customers coming inside,” Macitynet reports. “The store gave away 1000 commemorative T-shirts – running out of them within the first hour.”

View the gallery here.

LoopRumors offered live coverage of the event in Rome. View the photo and video updates here.

Apple Store, Roma Est info:


  1. Hanz, I can’t imagine it will be that way for long. I believe Apple is planning to open up between 30 to 40 new stores this year up from their current about 170. I think about a third of those new stores will be overseas. This was the first mainland European store..

    They are very picky about their locations and they put real time into where they open stores. Germany seems like an obvious location, but how and where, and lots of details, n such.

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