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In a special preview session dedicated to the press Apple has revealed the inside of the first continental european Apple Store. Macitynet is there to show the layout, the design of the 500 sq. meter shop that marks a new starting point in the marketing policy of Cupertino on the Old Continent. Expect pictures from the location, Apple Store Roma Est, the shop and its surroundings, news and interviews in Macitynet’s complete report.

Macitynet will be at the grand opening of the shop on Saturday 31 st at 9:00 am with special surprises for early arriving Apple fans.

Apple Store Rome high quality gallery here.

Apple Store Rome info (in Italian):


  1. cptnkirk, not exactly. The style is the same, but the Genius Bar is at the back with the register stations moved up closer to the centre. Kind of odd. You’ll be able to hang around right behind the registers. May be a smart move to get people waiting in line to pay to still be able to browse products, if the lines are long. Also a smart move so the crowd of people waiting for their Genius bar appointment don’t create a bottleneck mid-store like happens at Yorkdale and Sherway. Sould be an improvement.

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