High-ranking EU official questions Apple iTunes+iPod competition concerns

Apple Store“A top European Commission official raised questions on Tuesday about whether competition authorities needed to regulate Apple’s iPod music players,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “Some critics have called for measures to force Apple to make the music it sells on its online iTunes music store compatible with mp3 music players, other than its own iPods.”

“‘Before we jump in to regulate competition on the market it is worth asking whether competition is actually harmed,’ the Commission’s director general for competition, Philip Lowe, said at an antitrust conference in Munich, Germany,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports, “Lowe, the second-highest competition official in the EU asked, ‘Is there not vigorous competition between different bundles of mp3 players and music libraries?'”

Full article here.

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  1. It should be blatantly obvious that the also-rans have no idea what to provide the consumer and that’s not Apple’s fault. The competition should do a better job at trying to make a superior product that compel audiences to buy not force the regulators to unfairly level the playing field. If the shoe were on the other foot, I’m sure no one would be complaining because that means Microsoft would be in a dominant position.

    I can’t understand why people feel the need to have Microsoft involved in everything in order for a market to be considered “viable.”

  2. It seems to me that Mafia$oft has a greater strangle-hold on the OS market than Apple does on the music market. I know the EU has already found them to be anti-competitive, but the EU is talking about forcing a much bigger change in corporate operations with Apple than they ever did with Micro$haft.

  3. “”measures to force Apple”

    Force? WTF? It’s easier to just pull out than face bullying tactics.”

    im sure apple wouldnt like to lose nearly half their business now would they

  4. I’m watching the Adobe live presentation….Hey anybody there in the UE is looking at them? Am I wrong or after they acquired Macromedia (thanks again TeoCons) they are for REAL the CLEAR Monopoly in Graphics Software Market? Should we count some open source experiments?
    Does somebody forgot how Adobe has used its Monopoly Power to slow down Mac Intel sales?

    So sure Apple has the best ever (by now) model of player/web Store… But hey! Hey there, does Apple bought iTunes form some company? Does Apple bought iPod form someone? Does Apple compete with Adobe and Mafiasoft? Yes since 1984!
    Apple’s people like to compete and this is part of its history, it’s out there written bold!
    Does Mr.Jobs tour the UE country imposing his software to Pubblic Companies, after taking the Officials (loobist) at dinner….?
    Should we (europeans) talk about the UE Commission been destroying our food, wine, artisan traditions in favor of Multinational Companies fake prodouct?

    It’s a more sad and less beautifull world (Down by law…revisited)

  5. Sanity reigns, finally. For those who can’t read the diplospeak, Lowe is aiming his criticism at the loudmouthed activists in Europe who demand that Apple be punished for being successful.

    Those who can not distinguish between the honest victories of Apple from the mafia stunts of Microsoft are either socialist gangsters or hopeless idiots.

  6. these wankers just trying to get some sensational coverage so that the people of Europe think that they’re getting their tax money worth. What’s best than hitting on the MOST popular item in the world: iPod.

    unfortunately, when it comes to f***ing politicians, it’s a matter of lobbying. pretty sure M$’s lobbyist are endlessly giving in tons of cash for this.

    these morons in suits perhaps don’t know even know how to get music from iTunes or understand how it works. (Yes, the songs can be played in any devices as long as you have the copyright)


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