Analyst: Apple TV is a platform, not a single product

Apple Store“Operators must view the new Apple TV box as a platform and not a single product. Already, Apple offers on demand TV downloads at slightly below standard definition broadcast quality. The version 1 Apple TV box hardware is capable of HDTV quality complete with HDMI output: it must be a matter of time before HD is available through the Apple iTunes store,” Ian Fogg blogs for JupiterResearch.

“Even worse news for operators is that it is becoming increasingly clear that the Apple TV box is both flexible and powerful. Mossberg reports it runs a cut down version of Apple’s Mac OS X. Initial disassembly by an enthusiast website indicates that the hardware is little different from a low end laptop: an Intel ULV Pentium M CPU running at up to 1Ghz; 256Mb main memory; Nvidia Go7300 3D graphics with 64Mb dedicated graphics RAM; 2.5 inch hard drive; and an Intel 945G chipset. On that hardware, Apple does not need to cut back OS X very much, and could enable most of OS X’s features, if Apple saw a customer benefit,” Fogg writes.

Fogg writes, “What this means is that Apple has the capability to extend the feature set pretty easily.”

Full article here.

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  1. “I still wanna know if tv can run a full version of OS X and be used as a mini Mini.”

    I hooked a Mac Mini to my TV a couple weeks ago. I figured if I was gonna pay 300 for an Apple TV why not get a mini and run full-on OSX.

    So far its been great. Front Row rocks. OSX on a big ass TV is amazing.

  2. “I hooked a Mac Mini to my TV a couple weeks ago.”

    Still doesn’t answer the question. If I dropped a hard drive with OS X 10.4.7 or later on it into the tv would it boot up like any other Mac? I’m waiting for the hackers on this one,

  3. I’d argue that the platform is really OS X not the Apple TV, the iPhone, or Macs, in general. Apple’s latest slate of products are the epitome of DRY development. The end result is a better, more consistent user experience, which also makes it easier for people to switch.

    If you like the Apple TV or iPhone, why would you demand anything less from your computer? Hint, hint…

    Leads me to think the standalone iPod will be getting into the stripped down OS X game soon as well.

  4. >Operators must view the new Apple TV box as a platform and not a single product

    I am a mac user. Isn’t this what they say about the Zune? It shows the product is lacking what most consumers want it to do, in my view. I, for one, will have to wait and hope TV gets better because it’s not there now.

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