Wired: Distinct sea change in people’s perceptions of Apple: Macs will save you money

Apple Store“There’s been a distinct sea change in the way people think about Apple in the last few weeks,” Leander Kahney reports for Wired News.

“Recently, people have been saying the strangest things about Apple and the Mac. Everything is topsy-turvy. Pundits aren’t trotting out the old conventional wisdoms any more. They’re saying odd stuff, like Macs are good for business; Macs can save money; and that Apple’s stock — at $90 a share — is a bargain,” Kahney reports.

Kahney reports, “In fact, there seems to be a widespread re-evaluation of Apple going on, a cultural shift that’s changing the way people think about the company. It’s been building for a while but it has reached a tipping point in the last couple of months. Here’s what people are saying now.”

• Macs will save you money
• Macs are good for business
• Less is more
• Closed is good
• Apple is the darling of Wall Street
• Macs can run more applications

Kahney writes, “The change in perception seems to have been tipped by the iPhone. A lot of people thought Apple got lucky with the iPod: It was a one-hit wonder, a fluke not likely to be repeated. But the iPhone is already starting to look like another industry-changing smash hit, and it’s shining a different light on the company… Apple is very clearly looking like a serial innovator: a company that can successfully trot out one big product after another. This has been generally true since the iMac in 1998, but now the wider public is catching on. What’s changed is not Apple, but people’s perceptions of the company.”

Full article, with explanations of the bullet points above, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chris M.” for the heads up.]

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  1. “Macs have an average use of 3 years compared to 2 years for a wintel box”

    Macs can easily stay more productive longer than typical wintel boxes. My example:
    I purchased a G4 450MP in 2000. When the G5s came out, I moved the G4 to server duty, and with the addition of OS X Server software it was the main file server for my small ad agency (lot’s of heavy duty file serving) until a week ago when it finally died (more like started showing signs of dementia). That’s 7 years of nearly 24/7 operation. Just about all my macs have seen this hand-me-down or re-purposing experience, so in my experience the average Mac useful life is 5 years.

  2. @Holy Mackerel:

    I don’t believe that that would be the case. If you look back to 1997 and trace the product announcements that Apple made, you can reasonably argue that Apple back then did not have the prequisites prior to the transition to intel. I believe the strongest point that Apple made was by introducing the products one at a time with each introduction, the product being more robust than that compared to a windows product. Now, you can see, or at least make an educated guess as to where Apple might be heading–for me, it’s going North (both in stock price, attack on Redmond, and the future). My .02c.

  3. MDN: enough of the ads already! This site is getting harder and harder to read. Putting ads in text ereas does not help with legibility. Apple is all about good design. How about you design this site better?

  4. I think it would be tactical and practical if Apple ran ads in the style of negative political campaign ads.
    Clips of a sweaty Ballmer and chirping Gates lying their Fester and Turtle Boy asses off. Then, freeze frame and run refuting textovers, media quotes and voiceovers exposing the FUD.

  5. @TV Boy Common Sense: “The iPhone is not even out, how can this guy say that affects anything????
    All we have seen is a hyped demo unit.”

    Falkirk: Again, it’s not about reality, it’s about perception. The iphone – which doesn’t even exist – has created a huge buzz for Apple. An earlier article stated that Jobs Macworld announcement had generated 400 million in free advertising.

    Remember, Apple hasn’t changed. Only the pereption of Apple has changed.

  6. Wow! (yes, pun intended with that one)

    This guy is saying all the things that I have been preaching to my friends and family for the last 5 years (and even more vehemently since Tiger was released).

  7. My favorite bit from the article:

    “It’s absolutely clear now why five years from now, Apple will have 3 (percent) to 5 percent of the player market,” Rob Glaser, CEO of Apple rival RealNetworks, told The New York Times in 2003 while cramming handfuls of Krispy Kreme donuts into his blubbery, gaping maw. “The history of the world is that hybridization yields better results.”

    Okay, I added the bit about the donuts. Still, sucks to be him, huh?

  8. You’re right! The iPhone hasn’t even hit the channels yet and already you can see the effects in Sprint’s marketing.

    They’re now now giving Blackberry’s and Razors away with new two-year contracts. In some cases they’re paying you money to take the deal.

    I love the smell of desperation in the dawning.

    Do Sprint or the other Telcos have any idea what the impact of Apple’s iPhone will be on their sales? Yes they do and it’s no longer business as usual.

    Apple has changed the rules of the game and the Telcos will adopt or risk losing market share.

    Should Apple license the technology to the Telcos? They could if they wanted to completely overwhelm the cell/smart phone market. Otherwise, they’ll claim it one tier at a time.

  9. “Closed”?

    Nope. My Mac plays very nicely with Linux & Windows, thank you. It uses open formats like .TIF, .PNG, .PDF, .AAC, .MP3, .JPG, etc., many of which are established by independent consortiums and/or standards organizations, not tied to any single corporation.

    Go ahead, do a Command+Shift+3 for a screenshot. Open the “Picture 1” on your Desktop in Preview. Do a “Save As” Get a load of different formats which you can save the .PNG file.

    None of them say “Apple Picture Format ONLY readable on Mac OS X” do they?

    That’s just a small example. I know another company with 90% market share and they aren’t nearly as open or flexible.

    Apple doesn’t have to use proprietary formats to lock you in.

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