Microsoft’s Windows Vista racks up negative reviews

Apple Store“In one of the new ‘Get a Mac’ ads on television, PC appears wearing a hospital gown, prompting Apple to ask if he’s going in for a check-up. ‘Well,’ PC says, ‘I’m upgrading to Vista today, which is great, but I get a little nervous when they mess around with my insides,'” Roulla Yiacoumi reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Apple fans may have a bit of a chuckle but early adopters who rushed out and bought Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Vista, as well as more system and graphics memory, have failed to see the funny side,” Yiacoumi reports.

Yiacoumi reports, “Since Vista was launched on January 30, its creator has been racking up negative commentary. ‘Utterly unimaginative, internally discordant and woefully out of tune,’ was the verdict at… ‘Not yet ready for prime time,’ USA Today wrote… Paul Randle, Microsoft Australia’s consumer audience marketing manager, says Vista has been received ‘phenomenally well’ since its launch a month ago. ‘We completely refute the product wasn’t ready. Negative feedback has been in the minority.'”

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Yiacoumi continues, “Gartner is predicting that by 2010, 72 per cent of machines sold to consumers will come with Vista. And the rest? ‘Seven to 10 per cent will have Mac, less than 3 per cent will have Linux and the rest [15 per cent] will be people downgrading Vista to XP,’ Martin Gilliland, research director at Gartner, says. Sounds like a cue for another Mac ad.”

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  1. you are missing the point. the feedback has been mostly positive.

    negative feedback is when someone dies due to the OS.

    magic word “boy” monkey boy has some chairs to throw.

  2. @triangletire

    You owe me a new keyboard ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    MW: planning: as in “Proper Planning Prevents Piss-poor Performance”


  3. Was reading a review of Vista from a long time mac user on Appleinsider and he makes some interesting and non-fanboyish analyses. Note, I said “better,” not necessarily all that great. As a tool XP has its merits, so does Vista, I’m sure.

    We get back to peoples’ expectations– Apple users tend to expect more from their OS than traditional Windows users. Hopefully, that’s changing…

  4. I do have to use both platforms due to some proprietary Windows only software required for work. However, I severely doubt I’ll ever upgrade to Vista since what I need to use for work runs just fine in Windows 2000 running in Parallels Desktop. Very few people at all will ever actually NEED Vista anytime soon…

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