Georges Yared: Forget Dell and HP stock, buy Apple

Apple Store“So much has been discussed about PC battles, about who is taking market share from whom and about who is winning the fight. The problem is, the real loser in this battle is the shareholder. The buying customer, of course, is winning as PC prices have been driven down in an effort to capture market share,” Georges Yared writes for Blogging Stocks.

Yared writes, “If you must have exposure to the hardware space, DELL and HPQ are not the stellar investments they once were while AAPL has massive leverage and momentum in place. I think the choice is clear.”

“Apple has innovation and uniqueness in its product line such as with the iPod and the upcoming iPhone. Apple can therefore protect its pricing models and its margins. This is a winning situation. Apple has growth in both revenues and earnings that will lead the stock well past $120 per share over the next 12 months. So much is discussed about the iPod/iPhone, but there are other dynamic forces at work. Software products and the ever improving Mac computer will also drive strong margin and earnings momentum. CPU market share gains are also impressive,” Yared writes.

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  1. @Moo

    That’s also my fear. I’m no expert, but the American economy feels very fragile right now. Last week and before with Asia Apple was pretty okay, dipped a little then rose a little. Maybe got sold with NASDAQ but bought on quality.

    So I keep asking myself what happens when the American economy begins to unravel?

    I’ve got money to spend on AAPL, but I’m holding on to 3/4 of it. Almost against my will since I think Leopard, iPhone and AppleTV will be smashes. I guess my hesitation has nothing to do with Apple, but with the world.

  2. the stones are coming, they are falling. if you don’t know what I am talking about, then you wouldn’t understand anyway.

    too bad a economic download has to pull apple down with it.

    nonethless, someday the debt bubble will burst and the powers behind the scene will scoop up some great bargins.

  3. June, ’07 is going to be a huge month for Apple Inc.

    Apple TV – already released
    Leopard – released
    WWDC – unleashed
    Adobe CS3 – released (probably?)
    iPhone – released
    new Macs – released (likely)
    new iPods – possible

    This also means heavy retaliation from the enemies and FUD machines.

  4. Bush has been president for over 6 years – that’s about how long it takes someone to ruin a robust economy. Bush has failed at everything – it just takes the economy awhile to catch up.

  5. No Squirt, don’t expect to see any new iPods before or around the time the iPhone is released. Right now the iPhone has the media attention and will continue to do so for a while after its release. Jobs will only release the new iPod once the media frenzy has died down over the iPhone. He gets much more free publicity that way. jobs is very shrewd when it comes to media manipulation.

  6. That has to be the single greatest economic idiocy I’ve heard-ever! BTW, I’m an economist who doesn’t like Bush. But regardless of what you think of Bush’s policies, that is just plain stupid. BTW, six years, or so, is roughly the average length of the business cycle.
    Lord, save us from the arguments of our friends!

  7. I don’t want to start/contribute to a political transgression here, but I have to say, I’ve been laid off about 5 times since Bush has been in office. Was doing just fine when Clinton was president.

    Blowjob and all.

  8. OK G-Spank, lets assume you have at least one original thought in your pinhead sized brain. You say, “Bush has failed at everything.” I donno why but I get the feeling maybe you live offshore – not in the USA, so maybe to you it feels like Bush has failed at everything. But there are a few of us here who have noticed that since 9/11 not one single act of terrorism has happened on the shores of the USA. That is to say the Bush policy took the war to them, on their territory. I much prefer that. And you sir, are an idiot!

  9. Considering everything that’s happened in the last six years, wouldn’t you have expected the market to go down? Instead, it’s grown.

    Armchair economists. Dumb.

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