How Microsoft pushed QuickTime’s Final Cut

“Microsoft’s desperate efforts to stamp out QuickTime helped to line up a series of events that positioned a deadly weapon and pulled its trigger. The problem for Microsoft was that it had mistakenly aimed the gun at its own weak spot; the bullet has been tearing through layers of Microsoft ever since,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Eran covers the history of efforts from Apple, Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft, and many others in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” and “RadDoc” for the heads up.]

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  1. Eran won’t write a book, because it wouldn’t sell as evidenced by his not attempting what you suggest. Blogs are free. Besides, pompous, monotonous, and obsessive texts only appeal to insecure and neurotic types anyhow.

  2. @@Freddie…..monitoring the web for new links to RDM eh?

    Please excuse me if I tell you you are a little shit. Now go back into your Microsoft worm infested swamp. Please.

    I bet Daniel Eran WILL one day turn this material into a book. And my business for one will circulate a few copies at Christmas time!

  3. From a consumer’s point of view, that was the best investment ever. I bet that Bill Gate’s fumes knowing that this infusion of cash helped revive Apple and his spending billions on Microsoft has yielded nothing but failure and frustration.

    How does it feel knowing that every Apple product you buy has little bit of Microsoft inside?

  4. In the real world of corporate information technology — help desks
    and IT departments in business offices across our beloved America,
    Windows, Office, and Microsoft are the only tools we need.

    American workers, information workers, knowledge workors of the
    new global economy only need Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and
    Powerpoint to be productive, competitive, and employed.

    Killing Apple, Knifing the Baby, and Killing Quicktime would have
    been the best favors Microsoft could have done to America to
    enhance the productivity of the American economy and of American
    emerging information workforce.

    Apple, Macs, Quicktime, and all those non-Microsoft technologies
    are not enterprise tools and do not enhance the productivity of
    American Office workers. Only Microsoft can help America stay on
    the cutting age of corporate information technology. All we need is:

    Windows Vista and Microsoft Office on every desktop;

    Windows Servers and Outlook and Exchange mail servers:

    and now, Microsoft High Performance Computing, Clusters,
    and Grid technologies to unleash the power of the millions
    of computers sitting under desks in cublicles across this
    great land — that gives meaning to the words freedom and

    Microsoft will again win over Apple’s XGrid and attempts at
    clusters and high performing computing.

    America’s economic supremacy depends on Microsoft and
    only Microsoft can keep America productive and competitive.

    Enough of Roughly Drafted and other Mac users criticizing
    and complaining about Microsoft. We should be thankful
    that we have Microsoft to lead business IT in the U.S.A.

    Microsoft’s history of tough tactics used to gain its top spot
    in the world of IT were necessary and an important lesson on
    how business is done. Like making sausage it’s not pretty,
    but the results are fantastic. That’s how the oil industry gre
    in this country, that’s how all great industries developed in
    our free enterprise economic system, and that is why Bill Gates
    had the vision and the courage to produce a true world-class
    software company we can all buy their products and be proud
    that it was made in the U.S.A. and represents America’s true
    values. What is good for Microsoft is good for America.

  5. Actually, Freddy is correct. Eran is pompous, neurotic, and often-time truth-challenged. He’s been called to the mat many times for his distortions, and to top it off, he becomes absolutely unhinged on political issues — often in the middle of whatever point he’s trying to make. That doesn’t bode well for his sanity. I think the guy’s heading for a breakdown.

  6. @ Real Business World Information Technology,

    Enough jingoistic flag waving already. Some of us don’t want to work in a battleship grey, rank and file cube culture. Some of us ‘think different’.

    Choice is the name of the game. Same as it ever was. And if given a real choice, we choose quality solutions (Mac) every time.

    If you choose another ‘solution’, fine, “go ahead on”. Hell ain’t half full, brother.

    Oh yeah, and God bless America too!

  7. Every time I boot up my Mac, plug in my iPod, or run aQuickTime video I thank Microsoft for saving Apple from total annihilation.

    You know, I hear that deep in the bowels of Cupertino there is a shrine where a gilded replica of the “Glorious Microsoft Check” is worshipped and the methane from a thousand Apple toilets provide the fuel for the eternal flame that burns in constant memory of “Bill Gates, Savior of Apple”. Of course, only the High Priests of Apple are permitted access to the “Holy of Holies”. So says Eran, acolyte to the shrine.

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