Over 500 line up for Apple Store grand opening in Naples, Florida

Apple Store“More than 500 Neapolitans turned out Sat., March 10, at the Waterside Shops for the opening of the first Apple computer store in Naples. The company opened a similar outlet in Estero several weeks ago. The next nearest outlet is in Boca Raton,” Marty Miron reports for the Naples Sun Times.

“The computers, which are all built by Apple, and come in half a dozen models, are getting a lot of attention lately because of their new ability to run PC Windows systems, including the new Vista, as well as the Apple Macintosh system. This means that users can switch to Mac without giving up their investment in programs,” Miron reports.

Full article here.

More info on Apple Store Waterside Shops: http://www.apple.com/retail/watersideshops/

MacDailyNews Take: Two interesting notes: People still line up for Apple Store openings by the hundreds and a local newspaper reporter actually can get things right about Apple.


  1. What a well-written article. It gave lots of information and didn’t go into opinion or FUD.

    Most of them time you’ll see something written like, ‘though Apple’s computer are a bit more expensive than competitors…,” which isn’t true. Instead, the writer gave a concise, truthfull, and interesting article.

    Well Done!

  2. Athens,Georgia; Rome,Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; Versailles,Kentucky; Panama City, Florida; Manchester,New Hampshire

    When they move Naples? The same time they moved the places above, along with alot of others.

  3. Every Apple Store I’ve been in recently has had huge crowds, not just looking at merchandise, but buying. It’s a good time to be Apple.

    On another note, converted my friends to their first Mac this week. They bought at CompUSA (don’t know why) and the guy there didn’t know crap about what he was selling. Didn’t know if it came with a mouse or a keyboard or an Airport card or anything. Hellooooo???

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