BofA analyst sees thinner, flash-based Apple Mac notebook by 2nd half 2007

“Bank of America Securities this week joined a chorus of other Wall Street firms who say they believe Apple Inc. is working on flash-based notebook and video iPod designs for a release sometime later this year,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

‘We believe that Apple will introduce a new notebook, with flash based storage in [the second half of 2007],’ analyst Keith Bachman wrote in a note to clients on Tuesday. ‘Turn on time will be shorter (with flash), and we imagine the form factor will be thinner, than existing notebooks.’ Bachman… said he does not believe the capacity point for the new Apple notebook has been determined but expects it will end up around around 30GB,” Marsal reports.

Marsal reports, “…The Bank of America analyst said he is not yet convinced that the notebook market will significantly shift to 30GB flash capacity in the near term, as the target ultra portable notebook market consists of only about 2 percent of total drive units (or about 6 percent – 7 percent of total notebooks). Another major deterrent is Microsoft’s Vista operating system, he said, which would require about half the 30GB of drive space for installation compared to the 2GB – 4GB required by Apple’s Mac OS X.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good Jobs, Vista certainly is a bloated pig with lipstick smeared all over its fat face.

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    i may switch. can anyone tell me how vistas is worse then macos? i heard that there are only like 2% of virus for mac that pc haves.

    pls help moi…

  2. 30 GB just seems too small to be really useful. I would tend to think a bare minimum of 80GB would be the sweet spot. Also can’t help but wonder if the flash memory would be user upgradeable when capacity is increased.


  3. There is nothing wrong with the idea of having more than one 32 gig flash drive, except the cost. The drives doubtless are very small and perhaps an extra drive or two could be removable. Three drives would make for a useable machine. Comments from the cognoscenti?

  4. For some reason, whenever MDN posts a story from Appleinsider, I can’t find it on Appleinsider’s website for a few minutes to an hour or two. Yes, MDN’s link works, but if you go to Appleinsider’s main webpage, you won’t see the story (now it is up there, but before it wasn’t). Makes me think that MDN is an Appleinsider insider.

  5. My bank says they expect me not to overdrawn by the second half of some year…

    ‘Bank of America Securities this week joined a chorus of other Wall Street firms’-seems like someone would’ve recorded that…be fun to see those bank execs rappin’.

  6. @wha?

    Mac OS has zero viruses. There have been some proof of concept, in the lab only, trojan horses. But nothing in the wild that self replicates. OSX has been out over 6 years now, no viable hacks yet.

    When you switch, I would suggest the following.
    1. Get microsoft office (student teacher edition – 3 licenses)
    2. Have a friend who is in school, or works at a school, go in with you to the Apple store and get you the education price when you purchase. – or
    3. Consider purchasing a refurbished mac. (, store tab, big red SAVE tag middle right of the page)… I did and saved about 30% on a macbook.
    4. Plan on about a month of getting up to speed. You will have buyers remorse. Get over it.
    5. After that you’re gonna wonder why you didn’t do it before.
    6. Apple Discussion Forums are REAL helpful. (, support, discussions)

    Hope this helps.

  7. @wha? continued…

    Also, Vista is a brand new release of software. Everyone I know who has tried using it so far is running into issues. I would stay away from it until at least the first service pack release. You can install XP with Service Pack 2 on your new mac for those have to have windows programs either natively using Bootcamp, or in an emulation program. (parallels is good)

  8. What he is saying is that until 64 GB chips or higher in storage can drop in price for PC notebooks to roll in and hold Vista, PC sub-notebooks and notebooks in general, will not be getting flash-based storage within the next 18 months to any large degree.

    This leaves yet another area for Apple and the nimble OS X to exploit, while M$ can do what to counter?… Make a “beefy” WinCE?…

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