US National Institute of Standards and Technology bans Microsoft Windows Vista

Apple Store“In a new setback to Microsoft’s public sector business, the influential National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST] has banned the software maker’s Windows Vista operating system from its internal computing networks, according to an agency document obtained by InformationWeek,” Paul McDougall reports for InformationWeek.

McDougall reports, “According to the formal agenda for the meeting, NIST technology workers will attend a session entitled ‘Windows Vista Security’ to discuss ‘the current ban of this operating system on NIST networks.’ NIST officials weren’t immediately available to comment.”

Full article here.
“Windows Vista Security.” The government never fails to generate laughs.

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  1. Nice one, Ron.

    And where I work, they’re planning an entire company-wide roll-out of Vista starting in October. New PCs purchased from here on are already coming with a Vista load (pun intended).

    Glad I have a Mac on my desk. My boss even signed me up to be a “field-test” guinea pig before the big roll-out. So I asked if they’d let me install it on my Mac using Parallels – we’ll see how it goes…

  2. Spark,

    Perhaps. But, in the grand scheme of things, for the betterment of the people, etc., etc., it’s not about Apple becoming the defacto standard, but rather, no longer tolerating abusive, shoddy, and even dangerous technologies. I’d love to see a major shift in what is considered acceptable (or better) technology, even if it was at Apple’s expense.

  3. BuriedCaesar->And where I work, they’re planning an entire company-wide roll-out of Vista starting in October. New PCs purchased from here on are already coming with a Vista load (pun intended).>

    How sad. They could have a roll-out tomorrow using Macs. At least you’ll be able to show them how it’s done on a Mac. I hope the owner knows about your Mac, not just IT.

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