Motorola Euro exec tired of Apple iPhone questions

“Asked, at the OPA Forum for the Future conference in London, what the company thinks of the Apple iPhone, Motorola European marketing director Simon Thompson huffed: ‘We thought it looked very pretty and white. iPhone, iPhone, iPhone! I’m just bored of this darned question. Look, there will be a billion phones sold next year – on a good year, there will be 10 million iPhones,'” Robert Andrews reports for MocoNews.

Andrews reports that Thompson further stated, “More and more consumers are after a more multimedia experience – that’s the basic reality. There are a billion phones sold every year; there are 150 million PCs; the PC tendency is not upwards, the phone tendency is upwards. New, developing markets will expect the power of a PC in their hands very soon – in a ‘phone’, not a ‘device.'”

Full article here.
Not only does the impending roadkill not know even the color of the steamroller bearing down on it, it also doesn’t understand that what it just described as desired by more and more consumers is “iPhone, iPhone, iPhone!” Looks like some of these bozos won’t even know what hit them.

Simon Thompson, and others like him, really should sit down, take a deep breath, relax, and ask themselves, “Is it really smart to come off as ignorant and unprepared in order to project a confidence that lacks basis in reality?”

Obviously, Motorola et al. do not have time to get out of the way, but do their executives really want to look like they were deer caught in the headlights after the bloody fact? We’d respect them if they just admitted the truth for once: their products are highly-confusing messes and they’re embarrassed after seeing Apple’s iPhone. Of course, we’ll never get that level of truth, but this “very pretty and white” stuff is exactly the wrong way to go; Thompson’s sprinting toward Apple’s oncoming grill!

What do we predict for Motorola? In the immortal word of Mr. T: “Pain.”

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  1. Motorola sucks – plain and simple. Their phones suck. Their chips suck. Time to move over Motorola. Your days of being a great company that could create quality CB radios are over. Move the F out of the way, losers.

  2. i live in the tiny baltic country of lithuania. even here, at the periphery of the EU, macs are getting more and more popular, ipod commercials are being played more often (and have become a must – have item), and there is a big buzz around the iphone. people are very interested, and will buy them…

  3. Nothing like having an executive not see that he’s just been tossed a baited question and allows himself to get all riled up and going and then give the competition exactly what they want – some MORE free publicity… classic.

  4. Simon Thompson says, “…in a ‘phone’, not a ‘device.'”

    Not only is MDN spot-on, but Thompson is exactly 180 degrees out of phase with reality. I’ve said it before and will stick by it, and that is, what the public really wants (and has already given up trying to get prior to the iPhone) is NOT another phone, but indeed a device. Wake up idiots! That’s what the iPhone is exactly, its a handheld computing device [a real one] that has cellular capabilities, not the other way around. This is exactly why the iPhone is going to be released, all ten millioin WILL BE SOLD by summer’s end, and then Apple will be getting all kinds of bad press because they won’t be able to supply the demand for this “device”.

    Do we need to draw pictures, ok then lets review: The ONLY thing bad that will happen to Apple will be determined by how badly they’ve underestimated the demand for the iPhone, uh…device. Because cellular providers have this type of technology by the proverbial balls Apple was constrained to do at least two things: 1) They had to pick a cellular provider in order to get the telephony part of the device to function properly for the end user; 2) Because they had to sell their soul to the service provider they had to call it a “phone”.

    As usual, Apple gets this and no one else does. But those of you holding Apple shares right now are going to be laughing all the way to the bank by summer’s end, and the rest of us will never see Apple’s shares drop below $100 again.

    Bye bye Motorolo, bye bye Samsung, LG, and etc. and etc. It must be truely terrifying to be staring your own death right in the eyes, know that no matter what you do from this point on, you’ve just lost an entire market where you can only hope to be one of one or two distantly trailing competitors, at best.

  5. if these comments were posted on here 6 years ago, anyone who dared to speak out against the great motorolla would be flamed. It’s one thing to think Macs are better than PCs (I totally agree); it’s completely another to think YOU are better than others because YOU use a Mac and they use a PC.

    The majority of folks here fall in the last category. They give Mac users a bad name and others look at all of us like elitist, narcissistic, a-holes.

    It’s like a player you love goes to play for another team and all of a sudden you burn their jersey.

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