Daniel Eran tears Paul Thurrott a new orifice

Apple Store“Passing up an opportunity to comment on a Paul Thurrott rant is like driving past paramedics at the scene of an accident. I know I should just keep driving and not hold up traffic, but there’s an instinctive need to find out how truly awful things are and to determine what could have happened to cause such a disaster,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted.

Eran writes, “It’s only when Thurrott takes off his Microsoft historian hat and attempts to defend the company that his writing begins to induce a violent gag reflex. It’s not that Thurrott just really likes the company he’s worked for and around for well over a decade. Really, good for him for being excited and enthusiastic about the subjects he covers.”

“What really is so disturbing about his ad naseum rants against Apple and Google–and any other company that dares to compete against Microsoft–is that he delivers them, not as straightforward, factual criticism based on real issues, but rather as a falsely contrived bit of calculated emotionalism and populist pandering in a truly slimy way, mixing in facts he makes up on the fly and failing to cite any real support for his claims,” Eran writes.

Eran writes, “To top things off, Thurrott then sugar coats his ultra right-wing style absolutist fundamentalism with a thick, campy layer of extreme left-wing liberal faux-outrage.”

“You lie when convenient, invent facts to mislead, religiously portray Microsoft as something it’s not, make broad generalizations of Mac users all being an irrational bunch of kooks that don’t deserve to exist, lash out at anyone who says anything you don’t want to hear, make false accusations against them using words you don’t even understand, and then stick your fingers in your ears and cry about invented persecutions when it’s pointed out how wrong, deluded, and hypocritical you actually are,” Eran writes.

Oh, there’s more — much, much more — in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RichT” for the heads up.]


  1. GREAT ARTICLE however all that association to left wing and right wing political parties and the generalizations that are associated with them at the beginning of the article wasn’t necessary. More to the point however… the associations to “religious zealots is another thing entierly… womething which was not only unnecessary but was downright offensive in my opinion.

    I know its popular to bash Christianity in technology circles. I just wish I didn’t have to hear about it in some of my favorite online technology magazines. Its these broad generalizations about certain groups, which is EXACTLY the type of commentary that Mr. Eran associates with Paul Thurrott and Rob Enderle.

  2. can we finally just not post thurrot blog stories? he really adds nothing to the conversation from either a mac or a windows perspective. he is simply a hit monkey. he isnt even interesting in his idiocy anymore.

    please, MDN, and all other websites, just ignore him. like an infection he will soon go away.

    It isnt even fun anymore, its like picking on the retard down the street, it reflects poorly on you

  3. Article was OK, but tell the dumbass who wrote it to leave the politics out it, and MDN to stop publishing the goddamn paprazzi. I would love a camera to follow MDN around a photograph and post so much as him picking his nose, or worse, if you have kids to follow you around like a dog in heat waitng for a short, so moron websites will be dumbass enough to post it.

    Stay with the topic. I suppose the next thing we will hear about it that human trash Britney Spears.

  4. fatal,

    That’s not how it works. See history. Start with “Hitler” for effect.

    Ignoring something and hoping it’ll go away is naive, ignorant, and counter-productive.

    Instead, you shine a bright light on them and expose them.

    MDN does it well.

    MDN has given us the Think Before You Click™ tag which delivers what you really seem to want in a much more productive manner.

  5. The FUD promoters are here on this page as always when RDM is mentioned. I love his blogs – they are of the highest quality – in the to 1% of blogs on the net.

    Reveal your true self “fatal”.

  6. The above article is why I don’t read RoughlyDrafted anymore — the man’s hold on reality is tenuous at best.

    1) Is fundamentalism (that is — holding that certain things are fundamentally true) something that is inherent to rightists? George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Adams, Monroe, Lincoln, and other greats throughout history were “fundamentalists” by this definition. Were they all rightists? How about Mao? He believed certain things were fundamentally true, as did Ghandi. Are they are all rightists? You can see how stupid the argument is.
    2) Thurrot’s style is not something inherent to the political right. Even if you say that his style is similar to the political right, you’d have to say it as similar to that of the political left. Go read DailyKos.com, Brock’s Media Matters, and Justin Raimondo’s Antiwar.com, and you’ll find the same kind of style.
    3) Daniel Eran condemning Thurrot for leaving out facts is actually hilarious. Daniel has been smacked around for playing fast and loose with the truth many times.

    Again, MDN — don’t climb into the gutter with Erian.

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