Microsoft strongly advises Australians to avoid buying Zunes

“Microsoft has strongly advised Australians to avoid buying its Zune music player from local retailers,” Asher Moses reports for The Sydney Morning Herald. “The software giant is yet to announce plans to distribute the device in Australia, but that did not stop one Australian retailer from obtaining stock.”

“, an online store based in Sydney, sells the Zune for $389. It appears to be the first and only retailer in Australia to stock the player, although some second-hand units have been sold through eBay,” Moses reports. “An Mwave spokesman said ‘about 100 units’ had been sold since it began stocking the Zune in late December last year.”

Moses reports, “But a Microsoft spokeswoman urged: ‘We highly recommend that Australians do not purchase a Zune from this retailer at this time.’ The Mwave spokesman said the retailer had yet to receive a formal complaint from Microsoft, so its Zune sales would continue unabated.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “mpi” for the heads up.]
An online store — not a brick and mortar store confined to one outlet, but an online outlet readily available to the entire country of Australia — has sold 100 Zunes in approximately 50 days. Or two (2) per day in Australia. Two. Does Microsoft really need to “highly recommend” that Australians who are not buying Zunes, not buy Zunes? Yet, Australian Zune sales will “continue unabated!” If that’s not a joke, it should be. We’re continually amazed that some people survive daily life, despite being so obviously challenged.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Microsoft to announce plans to distribute their Zune failure in Australia or anywhere else.

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  1. I wonder if that too is in MS’s business plan. Let’s see….we will make (or get others to make) entertainment hardware. We will sell each unit at a loss. And last but not least, we will recommend that people DON”T BUY THEM?????

    Hahahahah if I didn’t know MS and someone told me this story, I wouldn’t have believed them for a second.

  2. 100 Zunes sold. Probably 99 of those are sold to reviewers who had to write about it for some publication or other and the last single Zune went to a real customer. There is always somebody after all who will buy something no matter how little sense it makes.


  3. That ‘Zune in the Can’ picture is hilarious

    Banks, retailers, and other businesses with IE-only web sites not only lose access to 6% of their users, but 6% of their best customers, US!! – pass it on!

  4. MEMO:

    Attention Bill Gates:

    OK Bill you’ve always been someone I’ve really admired, um no, that’s not the right word. You’re someone I’ve always recognised. I’ll take your advice and I won’t buy a Zune. No bloody way! However, if I was going to buy a Zune like wow (not) then I’d be stuck with my 60 gig ipod photo. Therefore you’ve helped me make up my mind and I’ll stick with my ipod. And I was really waiting to buy a brown Zune because they’re like so cool, just like you.

    P.S. I know that Steve Ballmer is so sexy it reminds me of the sex life of the woodworm

  5. I just checked Amazon and the Zune seems to still be the 4th bestselling “MP3 player” behind 12 flavors of iPod, 3 SanDisk Sansa’s, and a Creative Zen. Not great, but better than I expected (though those numbers could be bumped up by used sales as there are 32 more Zunes, Zens, and Sansas for sale than there are iPods combined).

  6. We highly recommend that Americans do not purchase a Zune from any retailer at this time. We have come to realize that the Zune is not really a very good MP3 player at all. It’s not a very good movie player, either. Hell, it’s not even a very good paper weight, since it’s apt to leave brown stains where it’s placed. We’re sorry for those of you how might have purchased a Zune, but hey, our company is run by a neanderthal proto-human with a giant tongue. You can’t really tell this guy no because he’ll fling poo (and possibly a Hermann Miller) at you.
    Please buy an Apple iPod, because, I mean, who are we kidding, they are kinda awesome, right? Yeah. Sorry.


  7. Hey, I really think that you guys are missing what is happening here. Its good old American capitalism. LOL ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    With Zunes being sold at discount from $169 to $ 189 in some places, this guy is rounding up all the cheap Zunes he can find and reselling them for $ 389, thats a 100 % profit. Smart guy. Hey, no one said that he was using a Zune!!!! Just selling them. LOL


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