Windows virus cripples Florida newspaper; Mac-based publishers unaffected

From The Sarasota Herald-Tribune website:

A computer virus crippled parts of the Herald-Tribune’s production equipment Thursday night, forcing the newspaper to print Friday’s editions without several of its local news, sports and editorial pages. The technical problems also caused papers to be delivered late.

We apologize to our readers and advertisers. Our technicians are working diligently to fix the problems that the virus attack created and to ensure that they are not repeated.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “No Squirt For You” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Their technicians are going to ensure that virus attacks are not going to be repeated? What are they doing, upgrading to Apple Macs?

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  1. I also work for a newspaper…. total Mac environment, except for the one Windoze machine for Accounting.
    Accounting person would love to go Mac, but the software she uses won’t allow for it… poor girl! LOL!

    Never had a virus, never had any problems whatsoever…. IT JUST WORKS!

  2. Illustrator 88 on a Mac eh?

    First company I worked for in 1984 had Linotype terminals spooling out paper tape which was run through the imagesetter to output on bromide paper.

    Then in late 1984/early 1985 we got three Xenotron XVC 3 and 4s terminals (FormsMaster/AdMaster and ArtMaster stations) with A0 sized graphic tablets, a flatbed scanner (B&W only, with avacuum pump baseplate) and a Lasercomp MK.IIi imagesetter. Cost about £500,000 at the time.

    In early 1985 we got a Mac Classic (or something?) in to assess if we could use it for anything, but it was too small and underpowered at the time.

    You could probably get the Mac equivilant of the Xenotron system for about £15,000-20,000 today.

  3. It wasn’t more than a year or two ago that the local schools served by this paper were dumping Macs for PCs and the reasoning was that they wanted the kids to use the computer most used in the workplace. The paper thought it was a fine idea. How about a field trip to the non-functional local paper that is stupid enough to put mission critical computing on the least stable and secure OS ever sold in the commercial market? That would be an education in itself.

  4. There are several Mac based newspapers that I know of including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I worked there and I had a close relative that just retired. Obviously, they enjoy a virus-free environment. Some get it, others suffer needlessly. What a shame.

    aka Christian: I’ll pass along your compliment to him. To wit, thanks.

  5. I worked for the oldest newspaper west of the Mississippi, and it had not missed a delivery since the Civil War. What did it run on? Solaris was the backbone and Windows for word processing and Quark, and Macs for advertising and photos. With Windows in such a minor role (using a proprietary pagination system running on Solaris) things went well most of the time. And whent here were glitches, it was either Windows, or Windows interacting with another OS that caused the problem.

  6. We’ve run a 40 computer publishing dept and started with Macs in 1985 with just a few.
    In ALL those years. We had ONE worm come in on a Zip disk from a printer in OS9. Easily removed, only hit 2 comptuers.

    Other than that OS9 thing we’ve had zero—yes ZERO compromised, infected, whatever systems. Even home computeres running NO protection at all. Nothing in OSX.

  7. Windows for Warships nears frontline service (26 Feb 2007)

    Everyone knows the differences between Windows and other operating systems. Steve Jobs has recently spent colossal sums telling us that most malware is written for Windows; also that using Windows is no fun and, even worse, seems to involve wearing a tie.


    In the final analysis, a working air-defence destroyer with its weapon systems live is by necessity a disaster waiting to happen, far more so than a Trident submarine. It’s questionable whether the UK needs this sort of hardware at all, especially at this price. But if we’re going to have it – and it seems we are – the kit needs to be controlled by the very best, safest and most predictable software architecture available. It’s hard to see Windows as fitting the bill.

  8. Zune Nazi
    Yeah, I play the game. Don’t know the score though.
    (Ooops-back in the bag, kitty)

    Also-my girlfriend works for a medium/small newspaper (avg 33k/daily) that has a mix. The business, personnel and circulation all use Windows and the creative departments-advertising, editorial, photo stuff etc-all use Macs, albeit G3 iMacs and eMacs.

  9. I read all my news on the web. No big containers to
    take out to the trash. Recycling is a myth, I watched as the
    garbage man dumped all the recycled containers and newspapers
    in the same heap on the garbage burner floor.

    Anywho just a thought –

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