Why Apple’s iPhone is a radical, disruptive product

“In sitting with some friends recently, we began talking about Apple’s introduction of the iPhone. We all felt that this product was one with much more promise than many we had seen in the last few years,” Frank Levinson writes for SramanaMitra.com.

Levinson asks, “What makes this device different?”

3 things:
• The use of OSX – this choice empowers the device to be able to run Safari, mail and widgets. It continues to unify the Apple product line, not fragment it.
• The use of a new consumer user interface (UI) and the deletion of so many buttons and choices (this was what we did about 16 years ago with Windows and 23 years ago with the first Mac and now we are doing it again).
• The realization that Moore’s law scaling of silicon is continuing and this makes the possibilities of integration infinite.

Levinson writes, “Let’s explore these because it is these choices that make the iPhone a radical product not the choice of camera, quad band GSM, EDGE or other hardware.”

Full article here.

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  1. I wonder if there is going to be an icon on the right-hand side in the last row? What will it be? My vote is for a “Sync” button. I don’t remember any discussion at MacWorld or after about whether the iPhone can sync with your computer, or not.

    It seems logical that it would. I can see the iPhone quickly replacing some folks PDA’s.

  2. So when someone writes a nifty UI widget for Myspace…
    And it’s easy to use and transparent…
    Tell me something,

    How many gazillions of teenagers are going to want one?
    I have a pretty good idea.
    Too pricey? Uh yeah, if you haven’t checked, they all have iPods and phones already.
    And MySpaces.

    You know what they do at clubs? They don’t exchange phone numbers.
    They don’t type your phone number into their phones.
    They type your MySpace.
    How pointless is that? Wouldn’t it make a whole lot more sense to just Add you?

    So how many?

    Thank hard…

    It’s *way* more than 10 million.

  3. Seriously, think about it-

    If a carrier underwrote this phone and offered it for 1-200 dollars, you don’t think EVERY SINGLE highschool and college age kid of a decent income bracket in this nation wouldn’t want one? They could never hope to make enough. As it is they won’t have a problem selling whatever they can make. Every kid I know gets dreamy stars in their eyes when you say iPhone.
    I’ll tell you what signature models to make right now, Apple:

    My Chemical Romance
    Mindless Self Indulgence
    Hello Kitty

    You’re welcome.


  4. All the iPhone wannabes have already started putting on an iPhone like facade. It’s like dousing a stinking pig in perfume and pretending it’s not a pig.

    He hit it on the head: OS X versus Palm OS, Windblows Mobile, etc. No competition. And integration – whee!

    Can’t wait to see what The Steve has in store for Q4.

    Rock on Steve!
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  5. The author gets it. Mac OS X on the iPhone is huge. Apple can take advantage of all of the underlying capabilities of the best and easiest to use OS in the world. There are no OS competitors even close in the cell phone market – or any other market, for that matter.

    Note that all of the superficial attempts to mimic the iPhone by competitors are just cargo cult [Google it] responses and, as such, doomed to embarrassing failure.

  6. Gotta agree with the author here on the 3 points. All the Winblows FUD specialists and morons who work for competing mobile phone manufacturers attempt to beat up on the few known technical details including EDGE, etc. but NEVER touch on the OS X or interface part.

    That’s how I know they’re huge developments.


    I think the bowling community is underserved with signature edition mobile phones, and there’s enough junk for teenagers already. Apple, I’m looking forward to the Legends of Bowling series of iPhones. I’ll be first in line for the Earl R. “Square Earl” Anthony edition. Strike!

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