Video of ‘iPhone-like user interface’ on Pocket PC

“Tzywen” has posted a video on YouTube of a “custom ‘iPhone-like’ interface running on a Eten M600 PocketPC:

Direct link to YouTube video:

Via Tzywen’s blog:

When I posted the video of my iPhone interface clone I wasn’t exactly expecting this much interest. Since then I’ve gotten a lot of requests to release it, a few job offers (3 claiming they are from Microsoft), people wanting to beta test it and people wanting to know how to use PPL… No, I haven’t gotten any emails from Apple yet if you’re wondering (wink)

Haven’t had much time to blog since my last post so I’m here to clear things up a bit. A lot of people have asked me to send them the iPhone software that was featured in the video. The short answer is no. I cannot do that because I’ll get sued. By not releasing the software to the wild, Apple cannot do much to me. All they can do is ask me to remove the video and my post. That’s going to save me a lot of trouble so I hope you all understand. Trust me, I would have released this if I wasn’t that concerned about Apple’s legal team. Who wouldn’t want to see their software running on other people’s devices? (wink)

I wrote this interface as a challenge to see if I can actually replicate the iPhone interface. I cannot devote all my time to developing this for a public release because I have a day job. Again, if there are no legal issues involved I would gladly release the source to the comminity [sic] and I’m sure that in no time, it will be able to COMPLETELY imitate the iPhone. IF there is time I will continue developing this and hopefully, someday somehow there will be a release.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “iBulb” for the heads up.]


  1. It just shows how Microsuck fanbois fail to understand the difference between the holistic integration between interface, software and hardware delivered in the Apple platform experience and the rag-tag, “parts bin”, lipstick-on-a-pig-with-botox approach offered by Microsuck and its fellow-travellers.

    He thinks because he’s designed a skin, he’s as smart as Apple’s platform experience engineers. He doesn’t understand consistency and he doesn’t understand the value that multi-touch brings to the experience.

    What a waste of time and effort.

  2. Yes, I know it’s not legal, but neither is running Mac OS X on a Dell box, but I do it every. single. day. at work and home. (Sadly, OSX86 runs FASTER on my 4-year-old Dell 2.2Ghz P4 that it does on my last-gen PPC G5 iMac. They say it can’t be done, but oh, my friend, it can!

  3. SO MUCH of a waste of time, in fact, that, according to the article, he’s had three job offers from Microsoft. So.. no… not a complete waste of time.

    While I agree with you whole-heartedly, take a look at how many people are begging for the files.

    You are correct that it’s a “rag-tag, “parts bin”, lipstick-on-a-pig-with-botox approach offered by Microsuck”, but unfortunately, you just described 94% of all the personal computers in the entire fscking world. Apparently people don’t care about “The Real Thing”, otherwise, they’d already have Macs. Close is already good enough. This can be seen in every store in America where EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT has an off-brand, generic version. People are obviously buying those, too.

  4. This guy did a nice job. Unfortunately, you still have to deal with Windows Mobile and the style of the apps that lie underneath the main screen’s nice clickable buttons.

    Also, he only has point and select functionality and scrolling. No zooming, which I’m sure is MUCH harder to develop and would tax the processor too much.

  5. Wow – wow,

    How do you know that it operates exactly like an iPhone.

    Are you and Steve buddies? Does he ask you how fast your Dell is running on pirated Apple software?

    Or are you another Window-LOVING @sshole whose only job is to piss me off.
    Damage to iPhone sales? Your the only one who is damaged…

    Do you know why the iPhone will kill PocketPC, because it’s OSX…
    Hardware can be duplicated, but innovation is Genius($500,00.00 for this one
    Steve, same accounts)

    They didn’t sat it can’t be done, We asked WHY would you,,,

    Just an exactly like the iPhone thought.

  6. So, a skin with functionality copied in two areas: Unlock (big deal) and scrolling, implemented in a very, very limited way. No bounce-back on scroll stop. No jump-to-letter. No clicking.

    People who say this works exactly like the iPod, what on earth are you talking about?

  7. To “to Fanatic Realist”…

    Wow, an offer to go and “develop” (or copy, you choose) software for one of the most derivative companies on the planet where an original thought would die of loneliness.

    Impressive would have been getting a job offer from Apple or Xerox PARC or any genuinely innovative entity that takes an idea from a clean sheet of paper and constructs a complete product.

    If you don’t see how this is a waste of time, you’d probably enjoy my new version of “The Godfather” with Tony Danza in the Michael Corleone role.

  8. It’s a fact that thing operates and looks EXACTLY LIKE the iPhone!

    Looks? On the top-level menu maybe. Beyond that it’s all Windows crud.

    Operates? Not even close. Where’s Coverflow? Visual voicemail? Intelligent switching from portrait to landscape mode? And most of all, where’s Multi-Touch?

  9. At first I was amazed by him being able to copy the slide lock, and have it bounce back.
    But as soon as I saw the background PPC interface and how to select things, i just yawned.
    Its so amazing how people will fall for something that looks about the same, but it isn’t.
    For me, the REAL thing that attracts me to the iPhone, is the usability. The multi-touch. The comfortable UI. The way it works. Not just the front cover skin!

  10. What this does show is that Steve Jobs’ claim about being 5 years ahead was very lofty. Clearly the other makers are able to adjust their products to accomodate a fully touch interface. Whether the competition is as good doesn’t really matter to the Windows based crowd. Apple better not delay. They have the lead for now but it certainly won’t last.

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