Apple releases Backup 3.1.1

Apple today released Backup 3.1.1 which allows users to protect files against accidental data loss. With Backup 3, protection is easy to set up and schedule so backups can happen automatically. Built-in Tiger Spotlight makes it easy to select exactly the files you want to back up.

Backup 3 is available to .Mac members by selecting the Backup icon on the .Mac website and via Automatic Software Update to .Mac members who have already installed a previous version of Backup.

Backup 3.1.1 is highly recommended for all users of Backup 3. Significant areas addressed are:
– Backup and restore with external drives
– Memory management
– Restore of bundled file types

For more information about Backup 3, visit the .Mac website at:

For Backup 3 support information, visit

More info and download link (5.5MB) here.


  1. What would really be impressive is if Apple would give us access to server side mySQL, PHP, Ruby, RoR, and other useful things like that.

    That would more fully justify my paying approx. $100/year for my email. It’d be stupendous to be able to use WordPress on .Mac.

    MDN Magic Word, believe it or not: sense, as in “It just makes sense.”

  2. I just tried twice more and I still can’t get a successful bu.

    Screw it. About the only place I want to scream at Apple.
    I have better things to do with my time. I wish they would
    make this reliable. The damn wankers.

    Damn wankers.

  3. Do’h man, can you actually read?

    Why won’t backup let you back up to another hard disk? That omission seems utterly stupid.

    The omission appears to be only in your world. Backup always (since I started using it time ago that is) always always allowed to backup to external disks. Tip: an external disk *is* another hard disk (just in case that confuses you…)

    Sheesss, some people.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />))))))

  4. It always amazes me how people can complain so bitterly about an app when then don’t even know how to use it properly.

    It’s always worked well for me and I’ve also set it up on several clients’ machines with good result.

    Of course, your mileage may vary, as they say; especially if you have flat tyres/tires, as I say.

  5. This is crap. Why can’t I backup from one external HD to another. My Powerbook 100GB just doesn’t have enough for all my regular professional stuff as I’m forced to keep my iTunes lib (30GB) and my Aperture lib (40GB) on my local HD.

  6. @ Spock

    Backups will still be needed even with timemachine, simply because drive failure will still wipe out all your info with timemachine.

    I wonder what the effect timemachine will have on storage space… if we are getting copies of each file when you change them I can see this becoming a problem, especially when you start getting into image files that are 5mb+, even a 200gb drive will get filled fast as you edit photos.

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