Apple airs iPhone teaser ad during Oscars

arn reports for MacRumors:

Apple aired their teaser ad for the Apple iPhone during the Oscars tonight. The ad has run multiple times during the Oscars.

The advertisement started with a collection of scenes from television and film with actors saying “Hello” on a telephone. The scenes are played in rapid succession, and the iPhone appears on the screen. Then a black screen with the words: “Hello” … then … “Coming in June” and finally an Apple logo.

Apple’s iPhone teaser ad “Hello” via YouTube:

See the “Hello” iPhone ad in higher quality via

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  1. Brilliant! The ad included some of my favorite stars like Lucille Ball and favorite films like “Back to the Future!”

    Totally awesome!!!

    I have got to have one of these. And I think I’ll load the commercial on it once I get it just to show everybody!


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