PC Magazine: Why Apple TV matters

Apple Store“While PC makers still believe the PC should be the center of the digital home, cable and telecom companies champion smarter set-top boxes and services. Companies such as Akimbo, Digeo, and Digital Deck also offer various twists on this theme, delivering a digital centerpiece for controlling, managing, sharing, and viewing all types of digital content,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine.

Bajarin writes, “Now Apple is extending its digital lifestyle concept to the TV, with Apple TV. I find this move by Apple very interesting and potentially important to the market because of the impact it may have on consumer trends. Of course, Apple is not the first to try to extend Mac/PC content to the living room; in fact, it’s five years late. Microsoft’s Windows Media Center has been doing this since 2002 with mixed results, and various other media adapters have come to market since then and gotten only minimal consumer acceptance.”

Bajarin writes, “On the other hand, you could say the same for Apple’s late entry into the MP3 space. Though MP3 players had been around since 1997, Apple’s iconic player didn’t arrive until 2002. The iPod’s design and simpler, easy-to-use interface has propelled it to a market share of more than 70 percent.”

Bajarin writes, “Although I don’t expect Apple to have quite the same spectacular results with its Apple TV product, the market impact may be similar to that of the iPod. Apple TV could make moving computer content around the house another mainstream digital activity.”

Full article, with mention of “Apple’s not-so-secret weapon: using its own retail stores to demonstrate how the product will work to mainstream consumers,” here.

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  1. If iTunes is morphing into an all-media controller, its stranglehold on the player mindshare could be weakened, opening up an opportunity for shareware creators. I’ve got some money ready for a light-footprint player targeted at unprotected and manually-managed files that handles Playlist creation/management smartly. Maybe the folks at Chaotic will step up to the plate. Their MediaRage product is an excellent tags manager though the GUI is a bit weak.

  2. I have to say I agree with the nay-sayers on this one. I just don’t see the utility of this product right now. And I don’t think the market is very big. How many non-techie people right now have:

    A) A HDTV (because Apple TV is targeted only to HDTVs)


    B) Loads of content purchased at the iTunes store that they want to stream over to these said tvs (currently the only movies/tv shows you can play are those from the iT store, not compatible with other formats, can only stream stuff from within iTunes)

    Another question: why would you buy a huge library of movies from Apple? The quality is FAR inferior to DVDs at not the greatest price break. You get no extras. You can’t burn a backup. Can’t rent them. Who is buying movies from iTunes and why? Really, that’s a serious question.

    And I’m sorry, I’m not buying my television shows one at time. Forget that. If I’m going to miss a show I Tivo it, I don’t pay Apple $2 a pop for the previledge of watching a show later. And I don’t care to own my shows. How many times am I going to watch “My Name is Earl”? Come on.

    I’m just asking some questions here. I am a huge Apple fan. I just wish this product had more going for it. I love the idea of having all your media easily accesible from your computer to your livingroom. (I think the new Netflix streaming movie solution is really cool, just get it Mac compatible). When that happens it’s going to be a great day. I just don’t think Apple TV is there yet. I guess I’m impatient. I’m sure it will get better. Pointing out its flaws and exploring how people want to get their content to their livingroom is a good thing in the long run.

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