iPod spawns lucrative accessory market, including growing number of ‘iSilly’ products

“With more than 90 million players sold worldwide since its introduction in 2001, the iPod has spawned a lucrative accessories industry. At least 3,000 types of iPod extras have received Apple’s blessing — mostly no-nonsense options like cases, earbuds and amplified speaker systems, including the $300 SoundDock line made by Bose,” Michel Marriott reports for The New York Times.

“But another trend is developing, one more playful and not always with Apple’s approval or knowledge,” Marriott reports. “Call it iSilly, a growing number of products in which fun is emphasized over function, and cute or irreverent often trumps wow. All of these items, some costing as little as $10, have been created to plug into an iPod — or, in many cases, any audio source that has a standard 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.”

Full article with mention of plastic pigs, dancing daisies and robotic Barbie dolls, here.


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