IFC Entertainment launches independent films on Apple’s iTunes Store

IFC Entertainment today announced that its independent theatrical catalog will now be available on Apple’s iTunes Store. Included in the announcement are all IFC’s 2007 Independent Spirit Award nominees. This is the premier award for the independent film community and for the 2007 Spirit Award competition IFC Entertainment received the most Spirit Awards nominations of any one film company.

“By making IFC films available on the world’s most popular online movie store we’re giving independent filmmakers the exciting opportunity to reach a wider audience of movie enthusiasts,” said Lisa Schwartz, IFC’s senior vice president of sales and business development, in the press release. “For over ten years, IFC has strived to provide independent filmmakers with a strong voice so we’re excited our first foray into the digital downloads will deliver the best of independent films to movie fans.”

“We’re delighted to be adding full length independent films to the world’s most popular online movie store,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes, in the press release. “The passion and creativity of independent cinema means a great deal to film fans and to iTunes so we’re thrilled to be adding IFC’s remarkable catalog.”

Available immediately for purchase and download on iTunes are 13 films, 6 of which are nominated for the upcoming Independent Spirit Awards which will be held on Saturday, February 24th. This year Independent Spirit Award nominations include Best Male Lead for Forest Whitaker in American Gun, Best Female Lead for Michelle Williams in Land of Plenty and Best Female Lead for Robin Wright Penn in Sorry, Haters. The first IFC films available on iTunes will also include previous nominees to highlight the best independent films from IFC’s extensive catalog. All IFC films on iTunes will be priced at just $9.99.

IFC Entertainment consists of IFC Films, a leading theatrical film distribution company bringing the best of independent and specialized films to theaters; IFC First Take and IFC In Theaters, the operations that together make up IFC Entertainment’s theatrical and on-demand day and date initiative; IFC Productions, a feature film production company that provides financing for select independent film projects; the IFC Center, an art house in NYC and IFC Films on Demand, video-on-demand offerings.

Recent IFC films include Patrick Creadon’s Wordplay, Lou Pepe and Keith Fulton’s Brothers of the Head, Bent Hamer’s Factotum (with Matt Dillon and Lili Taylor) and Sherrybaby, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal. IFC Films executive produced The Night Listener with Hart Sharp.

Notable IFC Films include Me And You And Everyone We Know, the Academy Award winning Boys Don’t Cry, Touching the Void – which broke box office records to become among the top ten grossing documentaries of all time, 2003 Oscar-nominated My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Alfonso Cuaron’s Y Tu Mama Tambien. IFC Films co-distributed Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 and the award winning Transamerica.


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Escaport” for the heads up.]


  1. Hey Cynic, shut up already.

    Anyway, I think IFC coming to iTunes is excellent. The more content the better for both programming providers and Apple. Oh, and us too, especially with AppleTV coming.

  2. Unfortunately I hear Steve Jobs is a big Revolutionary War buff and likes making the Brits wait. He feels that is his small contribution to the colonies effort.

    BTW, he also is a member of the Illuminati, and apparently there is a conspiracy to thwart anyone from outside of the U.S. from having movie entertainment.

    But don’t feel bad. Steve is also a long lost descendant of Job, from the old testament, and is angry with God too. He has made the iTMS movie section incompatible with heaven. And in a bid to piss off all of the Saints he has made only the shuffle available to that realm.

    Not to worry, these strong arm tactics are merely to give him leverage in future negotiations with God. He ultimately plans to live and run Apple forever. Once that is negotiated, our friends and loved ones in the beyond will surely be able to enjoy iTMS and all of its content as any American is able to do today.

    Don’t hold your breath in the UK though.

  3. Yea, this is getting a bit ridiculous. I want some movies and videos to be available in Europe. Is there some kind of law preventing this from happening, because I can’t think of any other reason they would leave it so long.

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