Apple to release Final Cut Pro 6 at NAB in mid-April

“Apple is currently on track to deliver the long-awaited new version of Final Cut Pro at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show, sources report. NAB takes place April 14-19, although Apple generally makes its show-related announcements on the Sunday prior to the opening of the exhibit floor, which falls on April 15 this year,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Katz reports, “Originally scheduled for release at last year’s NAB, Final Cut Pro 6’s one-year delay has enabled developers to expand the software’s original feature set, including the incorporation of many Leopard-dependent technologies, sources say. For example, Leopard’s powerful Core Animation technology will be employed to power Final Cut Pro 6’s real-time video editing engine.”

“Final Cut Pro 6’s delay was caused primarily by Apple’s need to shift developers from the Final Cut Pro team to the Aperture team to bolster that product’s code, which saw dramatic improvements with last year’s Aperture 1.5 update,” Katz reports.

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    I was really worried because it took FOREVER just to get to 5.1.

    I want to see some of the features! I am sure this announcement includes updates to the whole suite. Hopefully we will see stuff such as improved interface performance, which got much worse in 5.

    Here is my wish list (in no particular order)

    1. Improved interface performance
    2. 3D text in LiveType
    3. New media management
    4. Blu-Ray/HD-DVD support
    5. A new app combining Motion and Shake
    6. Node based effects
    7. Implementation of Motion type effects in FCP (Generators, behaviors, etc.)
    8. Better integration with Photoshop

    Anyone else?

  2. “Great news! (I wonder how much the upgrade will be from 5.1?)”

    It will probably be only $50, but it won’t be available to buy on-line or in stores. You will have to mail your disk to an address in Alaska along with a 52 page signed form, a photocopy of your butt. You then will have to sit back wondering if the disk you paid $1200 for will make it too this place through the very quick postal service. Then a few weeks later you will receive your upgrade.

    Welcome to the year 2007

  3. Cynic,

    You’ve definitely have got HVX pimped out! I see you are using a RedRock setup. How much was that, if you don’t mind me asking you, and do you see noticable results? I’ve got the poor man’s Varizoom PZFI controller…. I notice that you do not have enough control over focusing. But your cam looks really great! I’ve just spent some money on an 8 ft. Kessler Crane and love it.

  4. I take it from the replies so far that Apple has not released the changes that the new version will have? If they have and it’s documented somewhere then someone please post a link. I’d be very curious as to what the new features will be.

  5. The mac daddy ohhh:

    how are those Pannys? I am about to drop 2 grand on a couple of new canon hv20’s. They do 24p, have HDMI out, mic in, headphone out, manual focus, Canon’s legendary digic II processor…

    but they had me at 24p.

    while i’d like to eventually go to P2 and 100mb codecs (since i really am going to have to do a lot of ignoring of HDV’s compression), i can’t justify the 18k difference at this point between the two cameras (once you throw in all the other crap that you need for using P2 cards)

    have you felt like you spent too much on them? Or is the picture as good as the demos show (like the gay karate guy in the smokey gym?)

  6. the other steve jobs,

    I love my cameras and I simply refuse to edit HDV. I had a Sony FX1 that shot an amazing picture, but it would make my G5 (dual 1.8 w/ 4.5 Gigs of ram) struggle. It messed with my tempo in editing too much. Editing DVCPRO-HD is like editing with footage shot from a mini-DV, and the picture is awesome. I chose not to shoot to P2 cards, but to the Firestore FS-100 instead. I can capture nearly 4 hours of 720p 24 fps material, and they cost about the same as one 8 gig P2 card.

  7. MacDaddy.

    Ya, thats the Redrock M2 35mm Adapter. I got it for around 1200 bucks with HD Achromat and rail and mount system. The Follow FOcus and Mattebox are from , that was around 500 bucks for the combo. Good deal from him. The quality is great, and the build quality and customer support from REdrock is unmatched. brevis adapter loses out there because of the support and professionalism of

    Other Steve Jobs,

    The Canon hv20’s look great, but they are still low level prosumer cameras, and at 1000 bucks each you cant expect the perepheral support and pro equipment hookup that you would with the HVX200 or Canon XH A1 and so on. XLR inputs just to start out with.

    Also a heavier cam means better pans and tilts, not to mention the professional look that will garner respect when shooting. Just adding the mattebox alone to the HVX gets people to get out of my way when im shooting. If i dont have the mattebox on the HVX200 when shooting people walk into my shots, and generally get in the way not respecting the shoot. Throw on the mattebox and other equipment and you are watched by onlookers and avoided respectully.

    The Canons look to be great lipstick / helmet cams for small spaces though, i want one badly!

    You can check out an example of the Redrock in action with some slower Nikon Lenses and 1000w worth of light in my short movie on my website: then click on “downloads” and download “CATHERINE” , shallow focus, still sharp. I threw focus out on purpose for alot of shots so its me to blame for some blurrier shots, not the M2. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” /> vignetting my choice as well, not the M2.

  8. want to open a can of worms? the Red one is the king of that. Perepherals are so expensive for that thing to get a real package goin.

    Footy is uneditable at the moment , great for full studio pros, but just too much at some points. Id still take one, but at 17k you only have a camera and nothing to use with it. Looking at another 17k before you are even ready to go.

    I prefer shooting on P2, but when i need to do long form, we shoot to the Macbook Pro C2D via firewire.

    And yes HDV is the worst thing ever. Hence its very short lifespan and quickness to find something to replace it from manufacturers. Think about Mini DV and how long its been used and still around. HDV has easily the shortest life span of the formats. HDD cameras, DVD Cameras, BD cameras, AVCHD came to replace it quicker than something replacing Mini DV, which still goes strong. (but is also a shit codec that i refused to shoot my own movies on)

  9. I have refused to buy an HD cam due to the format wars. In the mean time, when I need HD I rent, which is still not that often.

    In fact, so far none of the cams wow me. The HDV is a huge problem with most, and while the Panasonic is awesome, I wish they had a DVC Pro deck for recording. The small ones aren’t too much larger than miniDV.

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