Wieden’s Nike account manager is Apple Inc.‘s new worldwide advertising director

“Rebecca Van Dyck, the longtime global account director on the Nike business at Wieden + Kennedy, has left the agency to become the worldwide advertising director at Apple, Wieden said today,” Gregory Solman reports for AdWeek.

“In her 12 years at the independent Wieden agency, Van Dyck worked exclusively on the Nike brand. For the last four years, she had global oversight for the flagship business. Sources said she has already started at Apple,” Solman reports.

Solman reports, “A representative at Wieden said, ‘We are a huge fan of hers here, and she left on great terms. Her job at Apple was a ‘can’t-pass’ opportunity.'”

“Apple last year spent $285 million in U.S. measured media, nearly double the $150 million it spent in 2005, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus,” Solman reports.

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  1. Oh, jesus. Nike’s ads are NOWHERE near the simplicity & powerfulness of Apple’s ads. Apple’s ads are leaps & bounds above anything that’s ever come out of Nike. Let’s hope this isn’t a turn for a worst. I personally don’t like it. People at Nike don’t get it like Steve Jobs gets it.

  2. two different products macbill.

    as an athlete, those nike commercials are amazing – the hs team last football season with tomlinson, vick, urlacher, etc. – those were freakin awesome.

    i’m sure mac won’t have the same kind of thing going on, but nike’s always had very creative and interesting commercials – i still have a couple on my computer. Check for the ones a few years ago where they made the songs out of the players dribbling and moving. or the sport one where it transitions from sport to sport to sport.

    you sir, are mistaken. this is more than likely a good idea. the mac ads are interesting and good, but so are the nike ones.

  3. Well put Shawn, I can’t help but to agree

    Let’s not forget the collaboration between the two for the nike + ipod kit, I’m sure that’s where she first started rubbing elbows with Apple. I think thi would make for even greater advertising and a healthier relationship for business relationshp nike and apple shares.

  4. Working in advertising myself, I’ll tell you that Weiden + Kennedy is one of the most (if not “the most”) creative agencies of the world. No doubt about that. Plus, NIke is one of their major clients, and one of the most innovative advertisers ever. Not only I (respectfully) disagree with MacBIll, but I’ll also add that eventhoug Chiat/Day TBWA is an amazing agency, Nike’s campaigns are quite ahead of Apple’s.
    So, I truly hope tthis will be an amazing addition to Apple’s team and for sure will shows that Apple is willing to grow and take over.

    By the way. Many years ago, when Weiden + Kennedy won the Nike account, NIke was kind of an underdog with a lot of nerve, big balls for marketing and a very creative entrepreneur (Phil Knight) as the C.E.O. ¿Any similarities?

  5. The Mac Evolution:
    Large man walks into Apple store…tears open side panel of MacPro.
    Pulls out ram….burns hide quarter in offering to the Gods.
    …says large man, “oh, I’m sorry little people in black t-shirts. I’ve been written into the wrong storyline.
    ….Apple black t-shirt people move curser over man …..resampling resolution making him small man.
    …..small man says, “..may I burn some more ram? You people are awesome….really, no shit, I’m fking amped”

  6. How’s this for an ad idea for an OS 10.5 ad? (Sorry that I don’t know the proper way to write a script like this)

    [White blank screen. Background sound: jungle noises. Fade in text: First there was Cheetah… (Diissovle in video of a noble, strong chhetah. Somewhere on the screen, the date “1999”)

    Dissivole to: Then there was Puma… (Cheetah morphs into a Puma: “2001”)

    Dissolve to: Then there was Jaguar… (Puma morphs into a Jaguar: “2002”)

    Dissovle to: Then there was Panther… (Puma morphs into a Panther: “2003”)

    Dissovle to: Then there was Tiger… (Panther morphs into a Tiger: “2005”)

    Dissolve to: And there there was (Tiger dissovles to nothing)

    Dissolve to: Vista? (2007; a cute but rather bedraggled kitten that has Tiger stripes obviously painted on to it walks into frame. Kitten meows meekly]

    Text dissolves to: And now there is..

    {A mighty Leopard bursts through the white screen as though it were a piece of paper. Makes whatever sound a Leopard makes)

    (Screen is now black, Leopard is strongly backlit, producing a strong outline.Text fades in] Leopard…2007

    Could fade to just a black, backlit Apple logo (aka the 2007 logo they on the web page for the first few days of the new year.

    An alternative: Instead of just having the Vista kitten walk into the frame, the PC guy sneaks into the frame, glances fearfully around to see if the coast is clear, then takes the kitten out of his coat pocket and holds it up. Then the kitten meows.Or, I suppose it could hiss at PC Guy.

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