Bear Stearns: Apple TV and iPhone have changed the Apple story for the better

Apple Store“Bear Stearns notes the pending launch of Apple TV in February and iPhone in June has changed the Apple story for the better. Before, Apple launched ‘insanely great’ products, but investors had no idea what, if anything, would come next and when it might happen, resulting in a ‘hit-driven’ story that often pulled back as investors pondered timing and parameters of the next move,” Notable Calls reports.

Notable Calls reports, “In contrast, we now have some more visibility about where Apple is going with four ‘spheres’ — PCs, music, phones soon, and video next year (they think). And each of these spheres has four vectors of expansion — platforms, wireless, storage, software — although these spheres overlap with consistent software and user interfaces.”

“Bear Stearns is maintaining their Outperform rating and $130 price target,” Notable Calls reports.

Full article, including talk of “New Steve” vs. “Old Steve,” here.

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  1. “… changed the Apple story for the better.”

    Bullsh*t! The above implies that without these products, poor old Apple would be “beleaguered”. This is no turnaround, but a part — all be it a big part — of Apple’s consumer electronics juggernaut.

    How come these stupid anal-ists took so long to see the obvious? How many crushing blows to the head by reality’s clue bat does it take to grok the truth? Maroons.

  2. “And each of these spheres has four vectors of expansion”

    Are they talking about AAPL or high school chemistry? How about just say something like, oh, I don’t know. “Apple is selling great, popular products and more coming soon”.

    But then again, using plain english may demystify stock picking.

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  3. @ MacMania-

    because so much of stock “ANALYSIS” is BS, such flowery descriptions are necessary, in the same way you’ll note that at the end of the trading day, on your AM dial, when a local “analyst” is featured for 20 seconds during the local news segment’s business report, they must manufacture a reason for the Dow’s performance on that particular day.

    ” the DOW lost .5% today, because of Office of Management & Budget’s speculation that revised quarterly data for bla bla bla”.

    All bullshit.

    Plus, why the focus on the DOW? (40 stocks!)

  4. Notable Calls reports, “In contrast, we now have some more visibility about where Apple is going with four ‘spheres’ — PCs, music, phones soon, and video next year (they think).”

    What is it with people that insist on calling ALL computers “PCs”? Apple does not make/sell PCs. They make Macs.

  5. @ LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son:

    The way I read the report, it seems that the improvement (or ‘change for the better’) that they are referring to is that Apple is providing a better roadmap of product launch dates and demonstrating how future improvements will develop, giving investors better confidence in future performance.

  6. @Oops

    It’s funny that you hold that position. I’ve always wondered why people insisted on segmenting Macs out of the PC universe. Macs are Personal Computers in their highest and most elegant form.

  7. Always Right & MacMania

    I have a standard answer for those situations. It always works when there is no real answer.

    ” The situation is due to the lingering effects of El Ninio and the recent voliatility in the stock market!”

    Try it ! Just say that and nothing more. People will actually scratch thier heads!


    Oh and a good one for a unknown noise in an engine compartment is “Pan Rats”

    ” Holy Shit! Whats that noise??? ” “Ah its’ just Pan Rats!

  8. @ Spark

    Well, what do they say at the beginning of those Mac commercials?

    “Hi, I’m a Mac…”

    “…And I’m a PC.”

    The term “PC” has come to mean more than just “personal computers” (or in this case, perhaps less than). “PC” is synonymous with Windows turd box.

    When I hear someone talking about how they “built” their own PC, my skin crawls. I always want to say, “Built? You built nothing. It’s called assembling. You purchased your shitty PC parts and snapped them together like glorified tinker toys. Big fuckin’ deal, moron”.

    Anyway, I digress. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  9. @Oops:

    Well I can’t disagree that the term PC has become synonomous with generic WinTel boxes. I was thinking back to the earlier days of the Mac’s introduction. I guess Apple has a lot to do with this nomenclature split. They always have referred to “Macintosh computers, and never Macintosh personal computers, but at one time the Mac was simply the lastest iteration of PCs on the market along with Kaypro’s, Commodores, IBMs and Osbornes.

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