Who wants an Apple iPhone minus the phone?

“The iPhone is everything I have been waiting for in a portable device (email, chat, internet, photos, music, camera); however, the thing I am least excited about is the cell phone feature,” Adam blogs via .Mac.

Adam writes, “Here is what troubles me. I find myself using a traditional phone less and less. All I really need is an internet connection, and I can communicate just fine with the entire world. I basically use Skype for calls, iChat for IMs, email for everything else. Who really needs a separate ‘phone line’ any more…just get me on the internet.”

“I would be happy having an iPhone without any cellular service. I do not want to pay $100/month (who knows how much it will really cost) to use this great new device,” Adam writes.

Full article here.
Okay, who else wants an “iPhone sans phone” and doesn’t want to wait until fall or whenever Apple decides to release it as the new iPod?


  1. “I basically use Skype for calls, iChat for IMs, email for everything else.”

    Of course, consider that (a) there’s no Skype for iPhone (no third-party support) and (b) no iChat for iPhone (remember that the demo used SMS-messaging). So you’d be stuck with e-mail.

    That said, I do like the concept for the next iPod. Leave out the phone and just have music/movie player and Internet connectivity.

  2. This guy should get a life. Or does he never leave his desk? Try using Skype in a park or a taxi or at a client site, or on vacation, or at your Mum’s place, or in your garden or…

    And I don’t know about you, but the voice quality on ANY of the IP telephony services that I have used (including Skype and Jajah) is so poor that i usually can’t wait to terminate the call. It reminds me of long distance calls before fibre optics. I spend half my call saying “sorry what was that?”. I prefer to pay for my calls…

    I am using a Motorolla Razr, which has a user interface designed by a drunk chimpanzee. To say I hate it is an understatement. It never ceases to annoy. And on more than one occasion I have wanted to hurl it into the traffic.

  3. Apple could make a killing with the same unit less the phone. Take out the phone and the price should drop. That way you have a choice iPhone or iPod. Many cell phone users have a contract that may lock them in for sometime before they can get the iPhone. But that will not stop them from getting the new iPod.

  4. I’m with botox, I’d love to have the iphone without the ipod functions. If they created a model with everything but ipod functionality and reduced the price of it, I’m sure there would be a market for it.

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