Photoshop CS3 release by end of March?

“Sources familiar with the development of Adobe’s next version of Photoshop report that Adobe has ramped up the release of development builds and that a ship date could come as early as the end of March, in line with Apple’s release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard,” Think Secret reports.

Think Secret reports, “…an unconfirmed report from a recent tipster puts the release date for Photoshop CS3 on March 27, based on internal communications.”

Full article here.

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  1. Even with the latest beta updates, Bridge CS3 crashes on me 90% of the time within the first five minutes of using it. Never the same thing crashes it eather. Just plain buggy. Photoshop it nice though. I have noticed a speed increase on my MBP over non-native CS2.

  2. Photoshop CS3 would be nice…. but what I REALLY need is for them to release the whole Creative Suite 3 (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)

    InDesign CS2 is total CRAP on my Intel Mac!

    Photoshop CS3 Beta works pretty nice!

  3. If CS3, Leopard, iLife 07, and iWork 07 all come out at the same time, I’m gonna be seriously broke.

    Regarding PSCS3 beta and Bridge, I haven’t found Bridge to be buggy, but I haven’t used it that much yet either. PSCS3 has given me some trouble though. I’ve had a few occasions where it won’t save because of “problems with the color engine”, and then another time because there were “too many windows open” – apparently two is too many, and it wouldn’t let me save either of them before I closed them. Finally it just crashed and I lost everything I’d done in both. Not ready for prime time IMO, but I do use it for removing backgrounds. “Refine Edge” is the best addition in years!

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