62% of music industry execs think eliminating DRM would increase music download sales

“Almost two-thirds of music industry executives think removing digital locks from downloadable music would make more people buy the tracks, finds a survey,” BBC News reports. “The Jupiter Research study looked at attitudes to Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems in Europe music firms.”

“Analyst Mark Mulligan, one of the authors of the report, said the survey was carried out between December and January. This was before Apple boss Steve Jobs published his thoughts on music DRM and galvanised the debate about these protection systems,” The Beeb reports.

“The study revealed that about 54% of those executives questioned thought that current DRM systems were too restrictive,” The Beeb reports. “Also, 62% believed that dropping DRM and releasing music files that can be enjoyed on any MP3 player would boost the take-up of digital music generally.”

“Among all record labels 48% of all executives thought ending DRM would boost download sales – though this was 58% at the larger labels. Outside the record labels 73% of those questioned thought dropping DRM would be a boost for the whole market,” The Beeb reports. “Among all those questioned, 70% believed that the future of downloadable music lay in making tracks play on as many different players as possible. But 40% believed it would take concerted government or consumer action to bring this about.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Stoo” for the heads up.]
“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” – Thomas Paine

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  1. DRM is going to be HISTORY ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />)))

    I’ve got about a 20 percent of my music (6000 songs) bought at iTunes and the rest just loaded from my own CD’s and a few single tracks catche’d from Limewire.

    Wish: Better quality – AAC-160 kBit/s

  2. if apple drops DRM, they probably won’t adopt MP3

    That’ll tick off some folks even more because their PlaysForMaybe players STILL won’t play the songs.

    iPod users won’t notice the difference.

    – gws

  3. So Microsuck infuses Vi$ta with DRM and lots of cumbersome security to appease Hollywood and music companies. Once Vi$ta comes out, Steve Jobs writes a single letter and we are on the path to remove it all. Ha. This shit gets better every day. Windblows users can say what they want about Steve Jobs, but when DRM is gone and iTunes and OS X are free of DRM, will that finally be the nail in Windblows coffin? Will we see millions switch immediately? I can’t wait for Leopard because you know it will be DRM free when it ships.

  4. Yes, eliminate the DRM…

    AND up the sampling rate to…

    Ideally, Apple Lossless Encoder

    or 320 bit, variable bit rate, high quality.

    Anything less? I’ll stick with CDs.

    My feeling is that Apple’s iTS sells 128 bit music as some kind of a compromise to the music industry.

  5. Here’s what needs to happen:

    1. Eliminate DRM
    2. Offer music in a lossless format (preferably FLAC rather than Apple’s lossless since FLAC is open and can be used by anyone
    3. Provide cover art and liner notes in pdf
    4. Price below existing CD’s.

  6. DRM is going to be HISTORY )))

    I’ve got about a 20 percent of my music (6000 songs) bought at iTunes and the rest just loaded from my own CD’s and a few single tracks catche’d from Limewire.

    Wish: Better quality – AAC-160 kBit/s

    128 is fine. And you sir have no interest in any of this, cuz almost all your music is legal. So why do you care?

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