RUMOR: Apple prepping completely redesigned Intel Mac Pro, new display line

“Apple is planning to deliver a completely redesigned Intel Mac Pro. The Pro line of Macintosh computers has seen a slowdown since Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 is not available as a universal binary,” LoopRumors reports.

LoopRumors reports, “The redesign will be an improvement both internally and externally. Apple did complete the transition to Intel chips with Intel-based Mac Pros, but this new machine is said to be smaller, and ‘significantly faster’ than the current offerings. Unlike today’s Mac pros, the cooling system will direct hot air through vents at the top of the machine, much like Apple’s Cube of yesteryear. Other less credible information suggests that the machines will only run Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and not be backward compatible with previous operating systems.”

“Also expected for quite some time now are new Apple Displays… Some reports have expected the new displays to come in sizes up to 50-inches. The new displays are said be even thinner, with a lighter design and have more mobility,” LoopRumors reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “RadDoc” and “macnut222” for the heads up.]

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  1. Anybody know anything at all about LoopRumors and their reliability?

    The rumor sites I check are Apple Insider, MacRumors and Think Secret. There was another I used to check (MacOSRumors), but they were always promising updates and whatever, but nothing would materialize.

    Anybody got any other sites they like?

  2. I heard about the video shuffle. The screen is the size of you thumb. Plus, this new Mac Pro will hoover in air (zero foot print) and will slowly replace your wife (or gf)… best of all, it’s under 2000.00. I’m bored, I know.

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