Mac OS X Tiger vs. Windows Vista: Mac’s migration a breeze, Vista’s migration a headache

“In the first head-to-head comparison of trying to accomplish a task with Mac OS and Vista in this series, the new Windows operating system fell flat on its face. Migrating from an XP installation was halted by repeated failures of the Windows Easy Transfer application when used with a network connection and a so-called Easy Transfer Cable ($49 from Belkin, which was useless),” Mitch Ratcliffe blogs for ZDNet.

Ratcliffe reports, “It took almost a full day to successfully move 5.6GB of user settings and documents to a Vista system. The Mac, by contrast, took less than an hour for migration of 60+GB worth of user settings, documents, and, unlike the Windows utility, the moving of applications from an existing Mac OS X install to a new one.”

“Given that Windows systems depend so heavily on application software to add functionality, it is a mystery to me why migration of applications would not be a keystone of acceptable user experience for the Vista Windows Easy Transfer application. Ah! But the problem is that Microsoft doesn’t really want you to move your applications. Instead, it wants you to buy new ones from Microsoft, so none of the tools in the OS make it easy to move an existing installation (you can move application settings, but not the applications themselves). Really bad user experience,” Ratcliffe reports.

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MacDailyNews Note: Tiger Setup Assistant makes it easy to upgrade when you buy a new Mac. Copy over all your saved settings, files and folders at the speed of FireWire. More info:

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  1. Lovely, lose a day transferring files and _then_ have to reinstall all your applications. That’s a great way to start being productive using Vista.

    The world must really be full of masochists!

  2. This is so true but when you have a bunch of people who love to spend time trying things out and feel like they are troubleshooting and fixing things then it is hard to convince them to realize that their time is wasted.
    All my Windows friends act like a Help Desk at home… and they never have anything productive to talk about unless they are really IT experienced. The average Windows user plays solitaire only.

  3. I used the Migration Utility and a plain old Firewire cable to transfer my stuff to my new work machine a few weeks ago. It was ridiculously easy (it was actually the first time I’d done it) and took under an hour. All my apps worked, even all my Adobe apps that I thought I’d have to re-register.

    I also use Carbon Copy Cloner to do live backups to FW drives, or a second internal, so if a machine goes down, all I have to do is reboot to the other drive and away I go. Works well when you need to migrate to a new internal drive, too.

    The Mac crushes Windows to a bloody pulp in this area. I have not done a fresh install of OS X in… I can’t actually remember the last time I did it. So there.



  4. I have two PC loving brothers. I was the sole Mac user in the family. Both of their computers are getting slower and slower and it is pissing them off. It would piss them off even more when I would laugh at their misery about the lack of need for malware and virus detector software. At Xmas they both used my core 2 duo iMac (they used XP naturally). Both were stunned and now BOTH are thinking of getting an iMac and following the new trend….XP for their stuff and Mac for internet.

    Still a stupid attitude but hey its a start right?

    Inteerstingly both have no desire to play with Vista….(psssstttt..the revolution is starting)

  5. This is a perfect example of the kind of make-work Microsoft designs to keep those IT departments busy.

    See how NECESSARY all those IT geeks are!

    Just like 2 parasites living off each other.

    And we wonder WHY IT departments HATE Macs and spread so much Mac related FUD?

  6. one thing for me is rigth,apple blows windows away in many areas that windows as to explore,but hey windows programers only make bad copies,so what time is to waste with this theme:none,we all know apple is the best,so lets talk about putting some extra things to the iphone,like ichat mobile remenber…or some features like a number cellphone detector to have all numbers from ppl we know w/out typing and writing then in the list via BTO.

  7. The reason that Windows Easy Transfer doesn’t transfer applications isn’t nefarious, it doesn’t transfer applications because it is too hard to do. Windows has rules about where applications get installed, what goes into the registry, and where user settings and documents go, but Windows doesn’t enforce the rules and application developers frequently break them. One of the things Microsoft is doing in the transition from XP to Vista is to start enforcing those rules, so users don’t have to be administrators just to run their applications. Quite a lot of programs that won’t work in Vista break the rules; XP doesn’t care, but Vista does.

    Consequently, there is no way to predict where all the pieces of an application are located or how to move them to a new machine.

    In the next version of Windows, I’m sure this will all be straightened out; but by then, I won’t care.

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