Biting words on Apple come back to haunt Dell

“Michael Dell offered up some harsh advice a decade ago on how to fix struggling Apple Computer, words that now provide an ironic sting for the newly minted CEO of his own slumping company. ‘What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders,’ he said at a technology conference in the fall of 1997,” Rachel Beck reports for Associated Press.

Beck reports, “Of course, Apple’s investors and Chief Executive Steve Jobs have gotten the last laugh. Back then, Jobs had just returned to lead the company he had founded, beginning what would become an exceptional transformation. Dell, on the other hand, has watched its business go the other way, and Michael Dell has been recalled to the helm to get it back on track.”

“His successor — and now predecessor — Kevin Rollins had a tough run. Under his tenure, the Round Rock, Texas-based company faced a string of disappointing earnings, while its market share slipped — it lost its No. 1 position in the PC industry to Palo Alto-based Hewlett-Packard last year,” Beck reports.

“Dell also faces an ongoing federal accounting probe and was just named in a class-action lawsuit that alleges its profits were inflated by secret payments of about $1 billion a year from chip maker Intel,” Beck reports. “Since topping $50 a share at the height of the dot-com boom, its stock hasn’t rallied as high since and today trades below $24.”

Beck reports, “With Apple on the upswing, and Dell certainly not, maybe it is time for Jobs to return the favor and give Michael Dell some advice. Chances are it won’t be something he would want to hear.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dion” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: On November 10, 1997, Apple’s then-interim CEO Steve Jobs, in response to Dell’s harsh advice spoke in front of an image of Michael Dell’s bulls-eye covered face and stated, “We’re coming after you, you’re in our sights.” He wasn’t kidding.

Dell is a dime-a-dozen PC box assembler. They offer nothing unique or innovative and their price advantage evaporated some time ago. If the company disappeared this afternoon, nobody outside of Dell employees and shareholders would care.

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  1. MadMac,
    There are plenty of other shittly little box makers to take Dell’s place. The enemy isn’t the box makers. They’re just pawns.

    Want to be rid of the pawns? Refuse to buy anything from Microsoft, especially anything that comes with their OS on it. Make that part of your business by requiring your suppliers to be Macintosh compatible. For example, if you run into a web site that requires IE to work properly, let them know that you won’t be doing business with them because of it.

  2. @ Aldo

    I have two of their monitors at work on my MacPro, and they’re not bad. Not up to Cinema Display level, (the blacks aren’t as dark and they’re so much dimmer) but better than most others. The plastic stands and cases still suck though.

  3. “His successor — and now predecessor — Kevin Rollins had a tough run”

    Their offices are side by side, and the door never closed. Dell was talking to this guy on a daily basis. It’s just as much Dell’s fault as it is Rollins’ that the company is slipping.

  4. Not only would I celebrate Dell’s demise as a Mac fan, but also as an Austin fan. Although Dell is technically in Round Rock, that is really just a suburb of Austin, which has been voted the best place to live several times and with good reason. But Dell’s initial surge helped swamp the town with people uncommitted to keeping Austin great. On top of that, Dell got an ultra-sweet tax deal, so they don’t give back to the community in any economically substantial way. Finally, their utterly dreary, drab, and cold aesthetic (which is reflected in their computers) helped to infest Austin with the attitude of mediocrity. Austin (and Round Rock) deserves so much better, and that little Texas oasis would bloom the brighter without that turd in their backyard.

  5. I have mixed feelings.

    I’m a certified and certifiable Mac Fan (just ask Ampar, Unsquirted, and Truth Decay). Thanks, TowerTone.

    But my folks have a metric buttload in DELL. It was given to them. I’ve asked them to sell it.

    Mixed feelings? We want the most money.

    P.S. My folks are in Antarctica right now. Pretty cool.

  6. so wait, who’s worth more now? has apple completely surpassed Dell? because last I heard they were level, and one day Apple went just above and emailed everyone at Apple telling them… but I haven’t heard anything else.

  7. Aldo:

    I do like their Ultra Sharp monitors though, especially if you take a felt marking pin to black out the Dell logo.

    The only people I’ve ever met who say “pin” when they mean “pen” were from Texas? Are you? Perhaps from Round Rock?

    Typos aside, it’s fun to black out that which we don’t want to see. For me, it’s the lawyer ads on the back cover of the telephine book – black out the SOB’s eyes, a couple teeth, add some horns – he looks MUCH better.

  8. Qka:
    Not from Texas, I can blame the typo on Oakland public schools and the early morning state of mind. I know my spelling is bad because quite often the spell checker can’t figure out what I am writing.

  9. What I love is that this really points out the lack of forwarding thinking of Michael Dell. Hiring ultra-cheap labor and having a build-to-order foreign assembly line is all he has as a claim to fame. No actual product development, as the products have all been same-as-same-as – always taking queues from Apple as to what to copy (like everyone else). Their half-ass attempts at offering alternative operating systems have been just that, with no promotion or education around why folks should opt out of the 150+ extra for a Windows (pro/consumer/whatever) and save some money in the short and long term (don’t need to buy all the extra security software for life that Windows requires, infinite tech-support, etc.).

    Frankly, all and all, I see Michael Dell as someone who built and sold a lot of widgets. It could have been anything, nuts, bolts, etc. No product development, no class. They even fired that actor who played “Dell Dude” because he was caught with some pot. Real forward thinking, the folks at Dell are, get ready for them to swap over to selling something else soon, like brake pads, when people demand more than imitation with a second-rate OS.

  10. Dell is doomed. They are box shifters and nothing more. HP makes profits from the ink and toner it makes for its printers. Dell has no “unfair advantage” as the economists like to call it. Dell’s competitors have over the years been forced to copy Dell’s cost squeezing ways and now Dell is left with no way to really distinguish itself.

    The only thing that stops Dell’s stock from collapsing now is that the corrupt Wall Street firms manipulate the market so as to get their institutional customers out of Dell without driving the price down to salvage value levels. These crooks keep touting Dell to sucker the small investors to take the giant losses that Dell will face once the Wall Street crooks — particularly, the hedge funds — escape their positions in DELL. Then, it’s game over Michael, game over.

  11. Dell needs to merge with Wal-Mart, and have their products prominently featured in the electronics section. Right next to the $29 DVD players and the bargain video shelf.

    Give Mike a seat on WM’s board, at least a senior VP. Both cultures of unsustainable growth-via-price-cuts should mix very well.

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