Technology Review’s King: Microsoft’s ‘broken’ Windows vs. Apple’s ‘truly superior’ Mac OS X

“In early January, we posted a review of Vista, Microsoft’s new operating system. Written by senior editor Erika Jonietz, the piece first appeared in the January/February 2007 issue of our magazine. In the piece, Jonietz described her disappointment with the company’s new software–and confessed to having crossed that clearest of lines in the cultural sand: she went from being a Windows user to being a Mac user,” the editors of Technology Review report.

MacDailyNews Note: We covered Jonietz’s article here: Windows Vista disappointment drives longtime ‘Microsoft apologist’ to Apple’s Mac OS X – January 17, 2007

“The piece is the most widely read story we have ever posted on our site; it continues to be viewed by thousands of people every day. Clearly, it struck a chord with a lot of our readers. In response to that reception, we’re encouraging readers to share their thoughts with one another about the look and feel of Vista and Mac’s OS X,” Technology Review reports. “To help get a discussion started, we’ve asked our former Web editor Brad King to write a pro-Microsoft response to Erika’s review.”

MacDailyNews Note: Yes, the same Brad King we dismantled yesterday: Technology Review editor gets a lot wrong in his article about Apple CEO Jobs’ push to end DRM

Brad King writes, “After five years and $1 billion, Microsoft’s Vista operating system is here. Gates and his lieutenants hailed the release of the O/S as a world-changing event, hoping that everyone from the hardened reviewer to members of the general public would fall all over themselves with praise for the feature-rich, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly package.”

“That hasn’t exactly been the case,” King writes. “Most reviewers have treated Vista with, at best, a shrug; at worst, Microsoft and Gates have been skewered for creating a bulky, resource-hogging Apple knockoff.”

King writes, “Jonietz and the countless reviewers who warned users not to purchase any of the early versions of Vista are absolutely correct. Microsoft’s early software iterations are always glitchy… The company’s software–and Microsoft is a software company that exists in a hardware-agnostic world–must be developed in such a way that it can conform to the needs of all of its hardware partners. It must power hundreds of millions of computers around the world, some for personal use, some for networking and data security, some for servers, some for gaming, and some for digital entertainment.”

King writes, “The only way to create a product that can serve so many purposes is to build it ‘broken.’ In that imperfection–or, rather, incompleteness–there is room for customizing, tweaking, cajoling, and hacking, all of which ultimately make for a more personalized computing experience.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s “unbroken” Mac OS X allows for no less customizing for a more personalized computing experience than Windows. Windows does, however, own the “hacking” market. grin

King continues, “…Apple sets the standard very high for operating systems. It would be pointless to argue that Microsoft does a better job at developing user-friendly interfaces and plug-and-play software. Clearly, this is Apple’s forte: Microsoft cherry-picks its design cues from Apple. Add to that fact Apple’s total control of the hardware and software environment upon which its software runs, and there is no way that Microsoft can compete against Apple in the development of an operating system that is truly integrated with its hardware.”

King writes, “But then we’re faced with this dilemma: if Apple’s product is truly superior to Microsoft’s, why do so many people still use inherently flawed software? There are several answers, none of which offers a complete view: Windows is such a part of people’s lives that they are unwilling to change systems; PCs are cheaper than Apple computers; computer games are designed for the PC; and IT professionals who oversee corporate networks are trained in the Microsoft environment.”

MacDailyNews Take: To clarify and add to King’s answers as to why people still use the inherently flawed Windows: Stockholm Syndrome and/or Cognitive Dissonance and/or ignorance.

King continues, “Countless Apple-lytes can explain to me how their computer’s environment [can be] optimized to [to make Macs work the way they want]. But that misses the point: computer code is meant to be broken because from that unjoined code comes personalization that no company can give me. And Microsoft understands better than Apple that broken is better than perfection.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This King guy is some piece of work. Enderlean, in fact. Microsoft’s “broken, incomplete, imperfect, glitchy, bulky, resource-hogging Apple knockoff” Windows Vista is a better option than Apple’s superior Mac OS X which sets a very high standard with which Microsoft cannot compete because Vista allows for a “more personalized computing experience” when it actually doesn’t? In which bizarro universe does that make any sense whatsoever? We hope that the editors of Technology Review had a good laugh before they published King’s “pro-Microsoft response.”

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  1. I’m sure few will see how this is Pro-Microsoft! Anyone normal person reading this would immediately get a Mac. Is this is the best they can do for a Pro-MS position, the Windows world has definitely, finally come to a new understanding of where computer excellence is found:

    …with the Mac.

  2. So his conclusion is that you should use Windows because Microsoft creates such crappy broken software that it actually ends up being good because it has so many holes in it?!? WTF kind of argument is that?

  3. An anonymous reader writes
    “Mac users wanting to run Vista on their Macintosh will have to buy an expensive version of Vista if they want to legally install it on their systems. The end-user license agreement for the cheaper versions of Vista (Home Basic and Home Premium) explicitly forbids the use of those versions on virtual machines (ie Macs pretending to be PCs).”

  4. “….computer code is meant to be broken because from that unjoined code comes personalization that no company can give me”.

    Sure, along with 114,000 known virus’, spyware and malware – you’re welcome to it!

  5. Here we go again.
    Eric Willard = moron
    Bill Gates = moron
    MS Programmers = possibly great programmers, but no concept of human-computer interaction at all, thus rendering them useless, despite their knowledge

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