How To Sell a Microsoft Zune: Offer Free Apple iTunes Gift Card with Purchase

“So, I work at the Spokane CompUSA, and every Saturday night, we print out all the new advertisement tags to put up on products that are going to be on sale for the next week and put them out,” GFLPraxis writes in MacRumors forums.

“The tags come from the corporate computers, we don’t make them ourselves. They’re SUPPOSED to match what is in the advertised papers,” GFLPraxis writes.

“This last Saturday, one really funny Zune advertisement printed out. It didn’t match the advertisement, so our manager laughed took it down and put it in his office (showed it to our Apple rep the next day, he almost fell over laughing),” GFLPraxis writes.

GFLPraxis writes, “He let me take the tag and copy it. I took the copy home and scanned it.”

Full article with large image here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Pascal” and “Hagar57” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: The CompUSA tag advertised the Microsoft Zune by offering a “FREE $15 iTunes Gift Card instantly with purchase.” Not enough incentive. Short of offering a free iPod with every Zune purchase, we doubt that any freebie retailers could offer would help move the brown turds.

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  1. Buy a Zune and get an “rebate” on the future Phune, or the Phune Home Edition, or Phune Premium Home Edition, Phune Pro Edition, Phune Premium Pro Edition, or the Super Phune Extra Functional Premium Pro Edition that can actually make calls.

  2. @ maczealot

    Nope that is standard operating procedure at CompUSA. The dolts in Dallas are some of the laziest pieces wasted flesh on the planet. I have seen entire runs of shelf talkers be completely wrong. And no one catches it until the customer points it out and gets something for free.

  3. To: maczealot

    Actually, when you think of it from the perspective of behemoth corporate management it makes perfect sense…

    Setting: CompUSA executive meeting room

    Exec #1: “We’re taking a bath on these Zunes! We’ve gotta figure out a way to move these turds. We’ve canceled any future orders, but we’re stuck with the ones we’ve got…”

    Exec #2: “Maybe if we offered them an incentive of some kind…”

    Exec #1: “Something related to their purchase to get the MP3 player customer interested…”

    Exec #1: “Hey, my kid uses iTunes Music store! I actually have an allowance set up for him to buy so many songs on a weekly basis! Why don’t we give them a iTunes gift card… Those are relatively cheap, and we know they sell by themselves!”

    Exec #2: “Great idea! I’ll get down to advertising right away!”

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