Saying iDo: Weddings, the iPod, and You

“Like you, I knew long ago that iPods were becoming popular. But after I recently became engaged and started to plan my wedding, I was shocked to find that the iPod has become one of the hottest wedding accessories today – iPods are now being used at every stage from initial planning to your eventual honeymoon on a beach,” Christina Easton writes for iLounge.

Easton writes, “Preparing for your wedding can be overwhelming: in the past, a busy bride-to-be had to set aside different times for reading wedding books and magazines, planning, and keeping herself in shape for the big day. Today, she can work herself into shape and listen to a wedding podcast at the same time. Sharon Naylor, a wedding expert and author of 30 wedding books, including 1000 Best Wedding Bargains, told iLounge just how popular the iPod has become as a wedding tool. ‘It’s given brides and grooms a whole new world of information, accessible at times they didn’t have before,’ explained Naylor, ‘during commutes, while working out, while doing housework. They can tune in at any time, which is a big change from the days when brides and grooms sought information on their work computers, or when they come home exhausted from work.'”

What options are available for iPod-toting brides? Find out in the full article here.


  1. You know what’s sad? Even with all this new help, I’m sure us guys will manage to keep screwing up all the things we’re supposed to do for our weddings

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  2. Not on topic at all but in Apple’s new “Security” commercial, it really sounds like Mac, after saying “Ok, what’s gives…” and being interupted by the Vista security guy, says “What the f*&k” and gets cut off right way. Has anyone else noticed this? Check it out and let me know.

  3. But in the long run, the enforced isolation of iPod listening will be bad for a marriage. Wedding gift ipods should come with those headphone splitter doohickeys that allow lovers to share their music together. Also they won’t be able to wander far apart without popping their earbuds.

    MDN Word: bad
    as in solitary ipod listening bad for marriage

  4. If you can find a DJ that uses an iPod to hold his music (some are doing that instead of lugging around loads of CDs), they could set up a special playlist just for your reception music — wouldn’t be surprised if some DJs weren’t already doing that…

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