Apple’s Jobs jolts music industry; Zune exec calls Jobs’ call for DRM-free music ‘irresponsible’

“Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, jolted the record industry on Tuesday by calling on its largest companies to allow online music sales unfettered by antipiracy software,” John Markoff reports for The New York Times.

Markoff reports, “The Universal Music Group, the Warner Music Group and Sony BMG Music Entertainment declined to comment. But several industry executives said they viewed Mr. Jobs’s comments as an effort to deflect blame from Apple and onto the record companies for the incompatibility of various digital music devices and services.”

MacDailyNews Take: An effort to deflect blame? The blame obviously rests squarely on the shoulders of the major music labels.

Markoff continues, “A senior executive at one company, who requested anonymity to avoid straining relations with Apple, said that while labels might experiment with other forms of copy-protection software, ‘we’re not going to broadly license our content for unprotected digital distribution.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Moron, what about the unprotected digital CDs you sell? Stupidity knows no bounds at the music cartels.

Markoff continues, “Jason Reindorp, marketing director for Zune at Microsoft, said Mr. Jobs’s call for unrestricted music sales was ‘irresponsible, or at the very least naïve,’ adding, ‘It’s like he’s on top of the mountain making pronouncements, while we’re here on the ground working with the industry to make it happen. He’s certainly a master of the obvious,’ Mr. Reindorp said, adding that ‘the stars were already aligning’ to loosen the restrictions.”

MacDailyNews Take: Jobs is “irresponsible or at the very least naïve” for making mountaintop pronouncements, but his call for unrestricted music sales is “obvious” as “the stars were already aligning” to loosen the restrictions?” It’s no surprise that this idiot works for Microsoft on the Zune fiasco. And what is Microsoft working with the industry to make happen besides illogical royalty payments to the music cartels from a non-selling device?

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  1. D’oh: those were exactly my thoughts as I read Steve’s letter yesterday. I have a strong feeling that when the Beatles music comes out on iTunes it’ll be DRM-free.

    Talk about a way to poke a stick in the RIAA’s eye ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. This is even more proof that Microsoft just doesn’t get it. Microsoft is in this game so that it can be the sole beneficiary – it cares nothing about the customer.

    In Jobs’ letter, he mentions consumers once, but customers three times. In Microsoft’s statements, consumers and customers are notably absent; its words focused only on competition and the industry.

  3. To the guys at Zune…Just how much more do you want to motivate Steve Jobs by calling him “naive”??? Companies dream that he would be less motivated or get bored.
    Anyone remember the bullseye picture of Michael Dell at the keynote after his statement that Apple should return its money to the shareholders? Folks, we can thank alot to Michael Dell, as since then, Apple has done nothing but kick major butt in every category they have gotten into. DRM-free benefits everyone!

  4. I think you guys are on to something with the Beatle’s thing.

    One thing about what record company and M$ executives say is that they know better, but believe the average person will believe anything. I hope they’re not right, although the M$’ers over at Digg make you think so.

  5. Who the hell was “making in hapen 5 years ago”? APPLE!! Zune is a baby rookie that’s barely been around 6 months….and failing at that. I think someone who has been working on delivery of music for over 5 years, has the advantage and experience to make claims, especially while giving examples and options for all to see. The only option baby Zune has given, is the right to the music companies to grab from their bank account. What they hell does Jason Reindorp A MARKETING DIRECTOR, know about legal/illegal distribution of a billion dollar industry. The fact tha he works for Microsoft says it all.

  6. “MacDailyNews Take: Moron, what about the unprotected digital CDs you sell? “

    The only real answer to this is that over time the music labels will try and put that genie back in the bottle and have DRM protected CDs. They dont want to go the other direction. If they get their way, you’ll pay to listen to a song every time you want to hear it.

  7. Umm, is it going to start raining frogs from the sky? Dvorak agrees with something that Jobs says. Now, MS is saying Jobs is nuts but their biggest fanboi is supporting Apple. THE END IS NEAR!! THE END IS NEAR!!

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