Apple finalizing plans to build first official retail stores in Australia

“Apple is finalising plans to build its first official retail stores in Australia, with at least one set for Sydney,” Asher Moses reports for The Age.

Moses reports, “Recent media reports have suggested the iPod maker is also planning to open a shopfront in Melbourne, but the company would not confirm or deny this.”

“‘We have submitted concepts for the store we’d like to build in Sydney and are working with the city to gain their approval,” Apple spokesman John Marx said,” Moses reports. “‘Our stores are a huge hit in the US, Canada, UK and Japan, and we look forward to bringing the unique Apple retail experience to customers in Australia.'”

Moses reports, “Apple has opened more than 170 retail stores worldwide, most of which are located in the US, although there are seven stores in Britain, four in Canada and seven in Japan.”

“It was not clear where Apple’s Sydney store would be located or if it would offer a similarly unique design, but a report in a Melbourne newspaper yesterday said Apple had leased space in a ‘multi-level retail centre being developed at a former Westpac site on the corner of George and King streets,'” Moses reports. “Apple products have been sold in Australia through the company’s own online store and through authorised resellers.”

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  1. I got the WWDC announcement. Looks like a strong hint for a Leopard release the week of June 11th to me. That’s still spring.

    Also, this photo on the developer’s page reminds me of a famous Super Bowl ad from the early mid-80s:

    . . . and they are all thinking “wow”?

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  2. “He added that there are things traditional resellers can “do better” than an official Apple store, such as offer a more extensive range of third-party products.”

    That is true. I’ve always seen other computer stores in the area which sell Apple products as complimentary (full disclosure – we only have an Apple “mini” store in our city). But even when visiting the full size stores, they tend not to carry the breadth of third party accessories. That’s the message I give to our local Circuit City employees ever time I visit the store. (Yeah I know it will be a corporate decision and they are currently evaluating whether or not to work with Apple. But I figure positive reinforcement from the customer couldn’t hurt.)


  3. “Apple’s stores are known for their clever, unique designs and appear to exist primarily to reinforce the company’s brand cachet.”

    NOTHING could be further from the truth!

    Apple’s stores annual sales per square foot is $4,032.
    Best Buy $930
    Neiman Marcus $611
    Tiffany & Co. $2,666

    To reinforce brand cachet rather than sell? Err, I don’t think so.

  4. @ron

    unionised? sadly, the ironically named “Liberal Party” of Australia which has been in government for some 11 years or so has done much to undermine the working conditions of Australians and, largely because of this, is now lagging in the polls and potentially at risk of losing the next election.

    Apple will employ their own personnel for their stores, and they will invest heavily in training. Staff retention will be important to them and they will, no doubt, treat their staff well. Under suh circumstances is it unlikely that many Apple employees will belong to a union (it is not compulsory).

    By contrast, the recent changes in employment law by the Australian government has created an opportunity for one company (Tristar) to keep 35 of their longest standing employees on the books for 12 months at which time they will be able to fire them without paying them any of their entitlements.

    The same company was forced by public pressure to pay a dying employee his proper retirement benefit just 2 days before he died. He had worked for the company for 43 years.

    We are a very fair-minded society in Australia and we don’t like to see anyone taken advantage of. Unions are an essential part of the political landscape here – some are irresponsible, but then some employers are irresponsible. The Tristar situation illustrates what lengths to which some employers will go to avoid doing the right thing by their employees.

    Are Apple store employees well treated by Apple in the USA? If so, then expect the same for the Australian stores.

  5. @Sydney Stephen

    That is hands down the best written piece of writing I have seen here in a long time. Pity Ron’s (and every other troglodyte who surfs here) eyes will most likely glaze over after the fourth word and he will learn nothing, and the next time he has a chance to contribute something about australia it’ll be like “oz-unionised lol” again.

    as for an aus apple store, the word nonchalant comes to mind.

    and yes i am in Sydney

  6. Did anyone else get the Apple Developer announcement for WWDC? Did you notice the artwork was very reminiscent of time machine?
    Not just reminiscent, it’s straight out of Time Machine! I’m actually wondering if that “curved metal” will be the system-wide theme

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