Digit: Don’t buy Vista; Microsoft may be driving millions to stick with XP or move to Apple Mac

“Microsoft is losing consumer operating system market share to Apple for many reasons, but most of those reasons can be oversimplified thus: Mac OS is simple, and Windows is complicated,” Mike Elgan blogs for Digit.

“That’s why it may be such a costly error for Microsoft to make the Vista upgrade such a confusing mess,” Elgan writes.

Elgan writes, “Until today, even experts couldn’t tell you off the top of their heads the differences between each of the many Vista versions — or even how many versions there are — or what the basic requirements are for the Upgrade versions. Ordinary consumers are baffled to the point of paralysis.”

“Windows Vista launched with 10 — count ’em, 10 — versions. Instead of giving us a simple new upgrade path to the future, they instead gave us a homework assignment,” Elgan writes.

Elgan writes, “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Don’t buy Vista yet. But if you really must, consider only two of the 10 versions: Nontechnical consumers should buy the full version of Windows Vista Home Premium, and power users should buy the full version of Windows Vista Ultimate.”

MacDailyNews Take: $399 for Windows Vista Ultimate?! (Hint: Get a Mac).

Elgan writes, “It’s obvious that Microsoft decided to extract maximum cash from consumers by micro-segmenting the market and trying to provide a different version for each. But they may end up with the opposite result. All this confusion over versions and upgrade policies will motivate unknown millions of consumers to simply stick with Windows XP or move to a Mac.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Macaday” for the heads up.]

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  1. Just more senseless noise by the small percentage of the computing using public who have settled for a toy OS. Vista brings to the masses a powerful set of technologies that Apple users only wish they had. With Vista’s superior security and unparalleled technology, the choice is clear — Microsoft has certainly won the OS war long ago.

    Just look at the decision by the Real IT World, not a Mac in sight of a thriving enterprise (except for a small back room hippy hopelessly clinging to a failed vision).

    Do yourselves a favor and join with the winning team. 1984 was a joke. Vista will set you free.

    Your potential. Our Passion.

  2. I think Ballmers lost most of his teeth chewing on Vistas leathery hide.
    No matter how much you gnaw on it it’s not going to become more usable……at least that’s what all the smart people are saying.
    Now, the dumb people, the cretins, their gums are all bleeding but there’s no sentient whatchamacallit anymore due to Microsofts RDF.
    I say, get a Mac and get some teeth.

  3. “..if you want Windows to work well over the long haul, it helps to reformat and perform a clean install once in a while. The Upgrade version requires you to install both XP/2000 and Vista every time, doubling the already massive amount of time it takes to do a reformat/reinstall.”

    Microsoft..delivering pain is our monetary gain.

  4. OT: I come from the Evil Empire and switched last week.
    I have one simple question: is there a keyboard shortcut to open Finder (or better: a Finder window) from wherever you are.
    In Windows there is this shortcut “Windows + E” that launches Windows Explorer, but I couldn’t find an equivalent for Finder on the internet.

    thank you

  5. “…More of that wishful thinking from the 2 percent crowd…”

    I’ll have you know Bill Gates himself pegs the current (2007) Mac market share at 5-6%, according to the Business Week interview linked to here (http://macdailynews.com/index.php/weblog/comments/12524/). And on many college campuses (the demographic Apple is targeting for their growth), ownership is even higher — I’ve seen figures ranging from about 12-30%).

    Do some research, UH OH…

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