Report: Microsoft Zune screens cracking from overheating battery pressure

“Interesting news on the Zune front: a friendly tipster’s buddy works at a Microsoft call center and handles Zune-related issues. Apparently they’ve received numerous reports of the Zune screen cracking for no apparent reason, after being left charging overnight. Our tipster’s friend conjectures that the lithium ion battery — which resides right behind the top half of the Zune’s screen — is expanding from overheating and putting too much pressure on the screen, causing it to crack. Unfortunately, Microsoft currently regards the issue as outside warranty coverage, leaving the victims with a broken Zune and nowhere to turn,” Paul Miller reports for Engadget.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: We’ve heard nothing about such an issue from any other source as of this time. Regardless of whether it’s a real issue or not, it’s not like anybody needed yet another reason to not waste their money on a Zune.

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  1. And no warranty. That is typical MS service.

    Virus – that’s your fault – you pay to fix it.
    Spyware – your fault too – you pay to fix it.
    Cracked Zune screen – again your fault – you pay to fix it.

    The Microsoft halo is definitely slipping.

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