ABC News hack rails against cult of rabid Steve Jobs fanatics run amok

“It’s amok time in Cupertino,” Michael S. Malone writes for ABC News. “Last week I was asked to write an editorial for the Wall Street Journal about Apple Inc.’s — that is, Steve Jobs’ — introduction of the new iPhone. It ran under the headline ‘iGenius,’ which you would think might please those millions of Apple Computer — that is, Steve Jobs — fans out there.”

Malone writes, “But you would be wrong, as anyone who has ever written about Apple — that is, about Steve Jobs — could have you.”

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“The biggest reason I try to avoid covering the company is the community of rabid Apple fanatics,” Malone writes. “When you are in the mood for it, they can be fun — in a nasty sort of way. It’s sort of like bear-baiting: A dirty, little secret in the computer media is that if you want to goose your readership or spike the traffic to your Web site, just say something negative about Apple Computer.”

Malone then, yet again, vents his usual, personal insecurity complex with Steve Jobs (Malone’s unoriginal and tedious freak show act) and then goes on to ask, “Given the current stock option backdating scandal at Apple, and Steve Jobs’ possible participation in it, what happens if he, like other executives in similar predicaments at other companies, has to resign from Apple Inc.? …Can the Cult of Apple survive the loss of the Cult of Steve?”

Full article, Think Before You Click™, here.
Michael S. Malone, who grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same school as Steve Jobs, has obviously been obliterated by Jobs’ shadow for his entire life. That obliteration will continue ad infinitum, as Malone, at least subconsciously, seems to comprehend with evident pain. That media outlets pay Malone to inflict the agony of his personal insignificance upon their readership is unexplainable, beyond the fact that he’s employing the Dvorak Formula in a weak attempt to generate traffic, as Malone freely admits in his article.

We’re having a party in here and Malone stands outside in the rain trapped behind the velvet rope of his ignorance and/or inability to enjoy anything with which Steve Jobs is involved. It’s sad. The poor bastard has been reduced to dreaming of Steve Jobs’ downfall. We could’ve ended the previous sentence after “been,” but, alas, Malone never was in the first place.

Most Mac users have been forced to use Windows at school/work. The converse is not true for most Windows PC sufferers. Most of us Mac users know both platforms, but because many of us want to help people who don’t know any better to minimize their frustration and become more productive with their time, we’re supposedly crazy cultists who worship Steve Jobs? We used Macs for the decade that Steve Jobs had nothing to do with Apple and we helped people recognize the superiority of Macs during all those years, too. How would Malone explain that fact?

We can’t speak for the entire cult of rabid Apple fanatics, but we are not fans of Steve Jobs or Apple for any other reason than that they tend to offer superior — often vastly superior — products than their competition.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Whit” for the heads up.]

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  1. I’m a big fan of Steve Jobs & Apple since day 1. Both him and the company deserve it. People love to hate Apple (to justify their PC purchaces) but they have run out of excuses. Writers catch grief from us because we’re tired of their moronic theories why apple is doomed. Note the latest moronic event: Apple’s revenues beat estimates by 98%!!! Then the stock plummets $10/share because Apple will surely fall on its face next quarter. Leave it to the PC crazed Wall Street types. They don’t even follow their own rules when it comes to Apple. See you next quarter…..

  2. Yeah, I too remember all those high school weenies that turned out better than I did. Cripes, when I went to my 20th class reunion some years back, one of those mice had even become a federal judge. Very embarrassing for me, you know? I quit going to class reunions.

    Leave it to wimps like Steve Jobs to wreck lives and dash perceptions of self worth. What a dope.

  3. Let Malone continue to be an uneducated hack. I don’t care if he ever “gets it” or not. Let him be happy in his own warped little world, while the rest of us enjoy reality.

  4. After reading the article, I thought it was good. I quote, “But these days, Apple has regained its place as a dominant player in personal computers. It owns the MP3 player world to a degree matched only in high-tech history by, well, Microsoft and IBM. And the new iPhone, whatever its flaws (and that last phrase alone is enough to launch 100 angry letters), appears destined to own the high-end smart phone market”

    Mr. Malone does not understand how using Apple software and hardware after being forced to use a PC and Windows will give people, “a moment of clairity” which leads to a life changing decision not to go back to Windows, ever…

    The reason we like and respect Mr. Jobs is that he creates new and exciting things which make my computer experience even better. Mr. Malone seems to be jealous of this fact since all he makes bird cage filler.

    As for backdating of options, if the courts find criminal intent and convict Mr. Jobs,
    then he will take his punishment and thrive, ie Martha Steward. The media continues to be judge and jury only because the stock price keeps going up.

    My life changed in 1984 when the Mac was introduced and I have been an Apple dealer for most of my business life. This year will prove that I was right all along.

    Keep writing Mr. Malone, at least you have the facts right… I as a Mac fan will not
    flame you or your son. I can’t speak for the 10 million others though…

  5. At least I’m not part of the “Blind Faith” cult of Microsoft. People that don’t even question or look to see if there is a better alternative OS. They just “know” that windows is the best – because they don’t “know” better. Not to mention their PC only cost $300.00.

    I’ve use both platforms since DOS and OS 6. The Mac has always been 10 years ahead of Windows.

    Windows – now that is a cult. Say anything bad about it and look out.

  6. I guess he remembers the swirlies we used to give him in the locker room when we made fun of him becuase he wouldn’t shaower with the rest of us.

    Don’t know what a swirlie is? Well, risking the fact that some of you fools might try it and it go awry, it’s where you pick a kid up and turn him upside down and give him a “shampoo” in a toilet.

    Ewww…never thought of shamPoo in that context before…

    Malone is such a bozo.


  7. Y’know. This would be a good time to give these Apple-bashing buttheads what they deserve: “Nothing.”

    Let’s discuss their idiocy amongst ourselves, and leave their sites hitless.

    No more links to stuff that stinks.

  8. Oh, woe is me, I am rabid, rabid, insanely rabid. In my affliction I am self-wounding. I continually bite myself giving myself rabies many times over. Oh God, God, God I am multi-rabid. Oh, wait a second……I’m going to bite myself.. how, with a silent h, that hurt so wickedly good being a fanatical cult member.

    My cultist, fanatical worship of Steve Jobs and/or Apple, take your pick, has made me oh so sick, sick, sick. I am oh, so nonplused.

    Michael S. Malone writes for ABC News and describes me to myself and I am a worthless cult figure……well, I am writing in the MacDailyNews forum and in a rabid rant I describe Michael S. Malone as lonely and bitter and is in fact at this moment reinstalling Windows XP…..but wait…there’s so much malware…he’ll have to wipe his hard-drive clean.

    But wait again, it may be alright… see….Michael S. Malone is blind. Yes, blind, figuratively….and that makes it alright. Yes, yes it does. It’s make Michael S. Malone all right…..right as rain.

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