Apple #1 brand in North Amercia, #2 after Google in global rank’s annual global brand ranking asked the question, “Which brand had the most impact on our lives in 2006?”

“Google, the Internet search engine that has expanded regionally and moved into online advertising, mail and blogging, seized the top spot for the second consecutive year, ahead of Apple Inc, which again comes in second place,” Rachel Sanderson reports for Reuters.

“More suprisingly, video-sharing website YouTube, which was bought by Google in October last year, stormed into third place. Online encyclopedia Wikipedia makes the fourth spot, pushing coffee shop behemoth Starbucks Corp. to fifth,” Sanderson reports.

Sanderson reports, “The poll does not take account of economic brand value, the murky science of assigning a financial value to brand, which regularly puts Coca-Cola Co’s Coke in first place. Neither does it ask respondents to consider whether the brand’s impact is positive or negative.”

Sanderson reports, “Brandchannel also split the poll by regions and in the North America the rundown was similar to the global outcome, albeit in a different order, with Apple in first place, followed by YouTube, Google, Starbucks and Wikipedia.”

Full article, with results for Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Gandalf” for the heads up.]

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  1. Lord Steve P. T. Barnum Jobs is amazing.

    A TV device that no one needs and doesn’t understand, a cell phone no one has ever gotten their hands on, and a new OS with nothing useful to offer and the world goes nuts.

    Question: is this a tribute to Lord Steve P. T. Barnum Jobs or is it a commentary on the utter foolhardiness of the masses?

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