Rogers to offer Apple iPhone exclusively in Canada

“I finally heard back from Rogers (Canada’s largest wireless carrier) and can relay that Rogers will in fact be offering the iPhone in Canada,” Andrew Escobar reports on his blog.

Escobar reports, “Apple and Rogers have already had talks over the iPhone and must have already come to some sort of agreement for Rogers to boldly state it will be the exclusive carrier in Canada.”

“Rogers is actively working with Apple to launch the iPhone in Canada as soon as possible and will be the exclusive provider of the iPhone in Canada,” Escobar reports. “Launch date and pricing for Canada are not yet available.”

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN]

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  1. Rogers is the name of the service because it was founded by a guy named Ted Rogers (I think it’s Ted). Rogers controls about half of the cable in Canada, as well as Rogers wireless and has a major piece of the Canadian video rental biz. I think they also produce a few TV shows.

    One thing to remember: AT&T Canada now owns much of Rogers Telecom Business. That’s why they are getting the iPhone (besides the fact that they are the only GSM carrier in the country.)

    Strangely enough, their reputation in Canada appears to be similar to that of Cingular in the USA. Great coverage in urban areas, sucky coverage in rural. Canada is mostly rural, with the vast bulk of the population living in the urban areas.

    Of course, my contract with Telus doesn’t expire until 2008…, so a-waiting I will be.

    MDN word: lower – as in “lower your expectations from your cell carrier”

  2. Roger’s? LOL – Only in Canada. The name reminds me of the old (1970’s) Steve Martin standup routine about Bob’s bank. “Your deposit? Why here it is – in my left front jacket pocket.”

    Still, good for them. Though I’m surprised the deal didn’t include Apple embargoing this announcement.

  3. How is “Rogers” (Ted Rogers) any worse than “Turner” (Turner Broadcasting) or “Ford” or “Disney” or “Charles Schwab” or …?


    MW=enough, as in “We get enough stupid remarks from microsoftie trolls on this site, no need to add more.”

  4. What’s wrong with the name “Rogers” (my cell phone carrier by the way.. hello iPhone)

    Ever heard of Firestone (Harvey), Goodyear (Charles), or Sam’s Club (Sam Walton). I’m nt sure why people should think “Rogers” is funny versus an artificial “new” word like “Cingular”.

  5. re: not Jeff

    What the hell is wrong with Rogers for a name of a company? It’s the owner’s last name. Ted ROGERS. The guy owns most of Toronto…Blue Jays, Rogers Centre (used to be Skydome), has national magazines, cable, wireless, etc etc. Toronto, by the way, is a fairly large Canadian city.

    Remember Bell telephone…because of Alexander Graham BELL.

    I don’t know why that post pissed me off so much. It just sounds like a typical American laughing at the hick Canadian (or any other country that isn’t America) all the while showing off his own ignorance.

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